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ET Contact Anybody have any dreams or encouters with aliens?

Ok Pam....Here we go. Let me explain all this to you so you can see that in no way shape or form am I playing some kind of silly joke on you.

1. This is Trojan

2. Before you go looking at my past posts on this user ID read this post first

First of all I have not used this user ID since 2006 when I very first posted on this board because I could not for the life of me remember what name I made up back then. So I created a new user ID at my work, but my password is saved on that computer so I never physically log in. So when I go home for the weekend on Thursday's I don't normally post again until I get back to work, BUT this week I saw you posted something in which I needed to respond to so I racked my brain for the past 3 days trying to remember what my old user ID was just for you...lol, and I finally just remembered and was able to guess what my password was so now I am happy and can respond to you.

Ok, so you said:


Ok... I was able to see your picture on the myspace account.

What the hell are you involved in. That's what I want to know! Is this some kind of freakin joke??? You know what this is a little too freaky for me.
This is a little too much for even me to believe. Who the hell are you??
I know I am not a freakin psychic. I do know that!

Alright, let me say firstly I am sorry if these responses come across as dry, I just want to be very clear to you that I'm not full of crap.

I am involved in and with the military.
No, this is not a joke.
I have already given you my born name.

You then said:

Then this morning I found a way to access myspace and looked the name up again and it brought up the whole profiles. And I saw that that was indeed you!! Freaked me out!!! However the guy I saw had all brown hair. So maybe it wasn't you. You sure the heck look like the guy in my dream and I have to say it really freaks me out. That's a little too weird for me. I was having a good day today to.

I have always had all brown hair except when I frost it blond,(save your gay jokes...lol, I'm straight as an arrow, I happen to like my hair frosted, keeps me young looking :D). I am sorry I ruined your day that day.

Then you said:

I think trojan might be playing a joke on me.

No, you are wrong...I am not playing any sort of joke on you or anybody else for that matter. That is not my m.o. and I definitely would not play a joke on somebody I do not know.

Then you said:

I've been thinking about you off and on tonight and I went back and reread some of your postings to me. Remember when you said this? "Hey, I can play this game to...since you actually believe this crap..lol. So Pam,"

After all things considered I think it is too coincidental that you would claim to have a similiar dream as me infact several similiar dreams as me. Describe a woman similiar to me you could have easily got this information from Darby who has seen my picture. He probably shared it with you.

And the only reason I could pick your picture out of hundreds of pictures I looked at is perhaps because maybe I do have a little bit of psychic ability. Who knows.

But I think you did this because of john titor and how I said I had a dream of someone similiar to john in 1998 before I even met him and that his description of time travel was the same as I saw in the dream. I think you saw my other dreams and made up a bunch of crap to see if I would believe you and you personally made sure they were as similar as you could.

I mean come on. Hope you had your laughs. I wouldn't be surprised if you and Rainman were probably in on this together.

Ok, so here we go. I can now explain to you how and why this is not a joke. I just first needed to respond to all your other posts in order so you could see my line of thinking. So, since I normally have nothing better to day in the mornings at work, I usually look at the current threads on here and read any of them that have new posts. Now, on March 9th, RainmanTime started a thread about a dream exercise he was interested in conducting, and on the 11th I posted a response in which I talked about a dream I have been having for quite a few years that never seems to end. At the time I posted this response I was not thinking about you or anybody else for that matter, I just happened to find the thread interesting because I'd never really seen recent posts about dreams on this site. Ok, so no big deal so far. Now, on the 21st, almost 2 full weeks later YOU decide to revive a thread that had been dead for about 10 years by making a simple statement,"For KerrTexas. Third Dream." So Pam, do you not see how I may have been interested? A mere 2 weeks earlier I had posted about my dream being continual, and you revived and old thread and said "third dream" to Kerr, and after reading the first part of the thread I was kind of amazed somebody else was having a dream similar to mine, and that it also may be a continual dream like mine. It also really sparked my interest that in your dream you were being lead to a building by a military man whom you did not know, and in my dream I was a military man leading a woman whom I did not know. So it really got me scratching my head.

Now, this part is the reason I ask you not to look at my past posts on this user ID. I would now like for you to look at my past posts on this user ID, there are only 6 I believe, but the key one I'm sure you will understand right off the bat. Take a second and do that if you will before you read further.

Ok, so now do you see how this was not some kind of joke?? In 2006 I replied to a post entitled INTENTION->Information->Energy->Force Creation. In that post I stated:
"I would never claim to have traveled through time, but for some reason I do have very vivid dreams of the future, some of them near future, and some of them many years away. It may sound crazy but more than a couple of them in the past seem to have happened, and it is sort of freaky when it happens"

However Pam, I am in no way shape or form saying that the person in my dream was you. At the same time though, I don't guess it would be impossible that it could be, but the odds would probably be better for me to win the lottery 2 times in a row, so almost impossible. I do find it fascinating how similar they are though. I will say this though, believe me, you do not want to be in this dream. It does not bother me any longer as I said, I guess because it has went on for so long and nothing has came true so far, BUT, it is not a good dream, it is a very dark dream.

I can also assure you that I have never spoken to anybody on this forum except Twighlight, and that was just to ask him why that thread on "PamelaM127 requested I discuss what I know" had been locked, but he never responded back. Aside from that I have never spoken to anybody else on here 1 on 1. I also had no way of knowing I was accurate in describing you until you said so.

As far as the whole Titor thing and saying I could play along, that was just relating to that specific issue. I yet to this day and probably forever will, fail to understand why you believe that stuff. If you read my posts under Trojan you will see that I said I'm a fan of time travel, but I'm more into universal/human energy type stuff. Because you see, I DO exist, and so do you and everybody else you can see walking around breathing. I believe we are all connected somehow, and we sometimes cross waves with other people somehow. I believe that is a lot more rational that believing some dude got in a machine and came back in time and talked to people on some freaking chat room. It is ok to differ though, if you want to go on believing that, then more power to ya. As far as this subject though, it was no joke, it was 100% real. So breath deep, relax and smile. :D

I'm sure any Mod can verify about my past posts or talking to any of them.
OK....Is it possible for me to send you two pictures of myself?
One from ten years ago and one current. I would just feel better if I knew for sure it wasn't me.

Its possible I may have some kind of ability I don't know about as well.
Well? Did you receive them?

I hope your not gonna make me wait until tomorrow. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/frown.gif
Ok Pam, I'm not gonna lie to ya, the first picture looked a whole lot like the girl in my dream years ago. The only exceptions were there was no smile on the face, just a lot of fear, it was rather dark, and the girl in my dream was really disheveled, but the eyes were definitely the same. I can remember the eyes of fear. So I guess I can not say with 100% certainty your face is the one I saw, but I can say it was strikingly similar.
Ok. So what does this mean?
We both have some kind of strange ability to dream the exact same dream or does it mean more than that??

I have to go to bed I stayed up too long waiting for you to get done chatting with your mother. Lol

Ps. Stay out of my dreams.
So I guess all in all, what we have here is a rather odd coincidence with 2 similar dreams. I'm sure there are many people who look like me in uniform and most all have the same hair cut, and I'm sure there are numerous other people who have similar features as you. I guess it would be rather difficult to read any more into it than that with out more detail of the specific dreams.

so in saying that, I will describe what the surroundings were like in my dream when I first picked up this girl in my dream.

I got this girl in my dream from a Farm house looking place, I remember a barn and a fence close to where the house was. There was a rather large field with what looked to be like wheat growing. It almost looked like I was in a mid western type state. Definitely somewhere I have never been. You ask in an earlier post where I took the girl back to when we left and I never did answer, but the answer to your question would be this...when I left from this building with the large room I handcuffed myself back to this girl and we exited the building, but once we left the building we walked about 100 yards and I took the handcuffs off and took her by the wrist and almost dragged her running. At this point I was almost as scared as she was. I knew something bad had happened while she was in that room, and I felt scared for myself, and for her, but while I was waiting I had to stand my ground and obey my orders no matter what because I did not want anybody to know what was going on inside my mind.
All I know is that guy was the only one who was nice to me.

After he shoved me toward that guy and he caught me he told him to take me to the restroom
So I could dry my eyes out and then bring me back here.
The guy said it in a way like I was a pain in the ass or something.

The guy took me to the restroom which wasn't far away and then he told me to go in and that he would be outside here when I came out.

There were no windows in the bathroom which had several stalls and I think three sinks. I just stood there by the sink with a tissue in my hand wondering what the heck just happened to me in that room.

That's the last thing I remember. The only thing I remember before that is walking handcuffed to the room handcuffed to the guy.
Hmmm...well I definitely would not know what the restroom would have looked like you went in..lol, and the experience as you tell it seems so short compared to my dream, but I guess that's because mine had so many more parts to it.

I don't know Pam, I would say it's definitely interesting, but at this point like I said before, I don't see the need to jump to any conclusions about the meaning of 2 such similar dreams. So I would not worry about it. I know sometimes when people have something on their mind they dream about it, but in this case if you have another dream in the next week or so I would probably not read into it because of that. I just know in my case in dealing with this particular dream, no matter how much I talk about and think about it....it never brings on another part of the dream for me. This dream has a mind of its own...lol.

Like I said before, I wish it would hurry up though, I would very much like to finish this book... :D
Joe, you don't have to wait to finish the book you just end it with words like this is the first book others will follow or something like that.

I am trying not to think more into it but I did pick your picture out of hundreds that only had your name and nothing further. When I found out that the picture did indeed match your profile all these emotions came flooding out. Sorry. You can ask poor Kerrtexas I wrote him right after I realized it.

The dream seemed so real to me almost like a memory than a dream. It was very scary to me also. I don't even watch scary movies I don't like them.

But you are right I won't read anymore into it. I'd like to remember more but I don't like thinking about it. It was so long ago also and I don't have continuation like you do.

I don't think anyone likes remebering scary dreams and I have so many good ones about fantastic inventions and good people. Why remember that one? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Hmm I read back my other post and realized I wrote it kind of confusing.Just using "he".

The handcuff guy was the only one who was nice to me.

The director guy who shoved me toward the handcuffed guy was an ass and treated me like I was a pain in the ass. I really didn't want to go back there after the trip to the restroom. Probably why I woke up!!

I actually am sorry you are having a continuous stream of bad dreams. That must be aweful.
Oh it's ok, at this point I would not call them bad dreams. In the beginning after the first one I did not like it and it made me feel strange for a little while, and after the second dream it was kind of the same. Now however, after all these years it's just like watching some strange, weird, freaky movie. I actually thought about writing a book for each dream, kind of like a series of books...maybe I could get rich like the Harry Potter lady...lol. In the meantime though, I'll just look over what I already have.

And if it was somehow me in your dream, I'm glad I was nice to you! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif I was pretty sure I was nice to the girl, she was soooo scared and I felt bad for her, and then I was just as scared as she was after the building. I just wish I could have gotten a better look at the girl on the way out, but it was so dark and I was not looking back, just dragging he along by the wrist back to where I got her from. Then I stopped at the house gate/fence and shoved her towards her door, and she ran to her house ( I suppose it was hers), when she looked back I was still at the gate and she was at the door which was about 25 yards away. She just said what do I do? I told her get anything she needed, pack lite, and just go. "The world is about to change" are the last words I spoke to her before leaving.
Its one of the last things John said to me also. He told me when he leaves its possible things could change quickly and to keep my eyes and ears opened. Its weird you would say similiar words to this girl.

Do you think its possible you are remembering different or altered worldlines and its coming forth in your dreams?
Or do you think its all just one big coincidence mixed with several creative dreams?

I guess we may never know.