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  1. Time Travel Forums

    Time Travel Claims

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    Time travel claims, experiences, stories and other urban legends. Role-play welcomed.

    Free your mind, leave your body and enter the Akashic records. Share your knowledge, attempts and experiences with us!


    • 813 posts

    Any and all subjects relating to the study or passage of time. History, genealogy, nostalgia, etc.

    Science-minded discussions about time machines and other theories as they relate to physics.

    Looking across time and foretelling things to come. Discussing Nostradamus, future predictions and the second sight.

    Broader time travel discussion, including what-ifs, hypothetical questions and pondering the nature of time.

    Weird Science

    • 6.3k posts

    Discussing physics, (anti-)gravity, quantum mechanics and other high concept scientific theory.

    General Banter

    • 5k posts

    An off topic forum. For off topic threads. That need off topic posts.


  2. Church of Titor

    Details of the John Titor story, threads, resources and research.

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    The original time travel legend! Discussion, debate, theories about the John Titor story, his message and his possible identity.

    Plans, advice and questions on becoming self-sustainable and secure during whatever comes for us next.


    • 2.2k posts

    Pondering the spiritual, including personal beliefs, experiences and epiphanies you've had, and other matters of faith.

    Hidden agendas, secret societies, clandestine operations, assassinations, Deep State operations, CIA deception, Masonic sub-plots, and other truths.

    Current Events

    • 117 posts

    Observing the collapse, discussing how the normies are reacting and other current goings-on.

  3. Curious Cosmos

    Aliens & UFOlogy

    • 2.3k posts

    Little green men, black triangles ancient aliens and other close encounters of the third kind. Discussion of abductions, disclosure and crop circles.

    Bigfoot, vampires and denizens of the spaces between realms. Discussing sightings, stories and the folklore behind them.

    General otherworldly and unexplainable oddities; strange and incomprehensible things that don't fit anywhere else.

    Wizards are cool. Delve into the world of spells, the occult, incantations, alchemy and general magickal knowledge.

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