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Update: Titor



I received a package this morning in the mail from Mr. Titor. Inside were 3 letters, just as he said. Each letter is addressed and even has the postage stamped. The letters are addressed to various people, 1 in Florida, 1 in Ohio, and 1 in California. I am 'supposed' to take these to the post office and mail them on a 'certain date'. I will debate the issue and will either mail them as asked, or burn them. I'm not sure how the whole 'time travel' scenario will play out by my 'interaction', i.e., what effect my actions will have on the future of the 3 parties, etc,
We'll see, I guess.
If you burn them, you were meant to burn them and if you mail them you were meant to mail them. What are they about?
Well, I probably know who two of those people are, don't you!

The third one in Florida, I am not sure!

Are they ir-radiated or whatever the Post Office is doing nowadays besides being in debt to the tune of #13,000,000,000?

They probably will be!
Envelopes are sealed. Two of them seem to contain pictures or something to that nature. Don't know, none of my business. They're personal between Mr. Titor and the parties he is directing it to.

You should ask the people that they are addressed too!

In normal times, I would send an e-mail stating that this is not normal procedure -- he could mail them himself!
>In normal times, I would send an e-mail stating that this is not normal procedure -- he could mail them himself!<
ummm...if YOU would read, or "could" read along..I stated Mr. Titor wanted them mailed on a 'CERTAIN DATE'...
Also, I won't ask the 'people themself' because I don't know who they are for.
Just 'addresses'.

Now run along 'illiterate'
>Here this, illiterate!

That would be 'HEAR', not "Here"..................ILLITERATE!

RE: Personal

Hi Mike it's Adam sorry for not respoding to you anyways Could you tell me more about your device the time travel or time machine you built? and Can you tell that the device will be successful with and for a human? Where do you think the ladybug went too maybe the past or future I am asking this question because it sounds interesting? Well if you can answer these questions it would be helpful and I put your website on my favorites list just to let you know!
I'm too busy to even care. As in here in the moment, but if you do not suspect who the people are, then I guess you'll have to think about who they might be.

I have work to do.
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