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Psychic syn combining Clairavoyance with Telepathy


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I wonder what would if a person had the ability to be clairavoyant but also have a telepathic ability. Can a telepathic and clairavoyant connect? There are many interesting books, about this in the librarys. I wonder how much real information will be lost when people stop reading books and start downloading thier brains with internet propanganda. You can always learn more from books. Maby a company like "Random House" will come up with a way to keep people reading books. You know, like start producing books that have parts of books within books. In other words you could start collecting books but when you put them all together, they tell another story. Like phrases or sentences from each book can be put together to tell a whole other story. That would give a greater purpose to the books and help keep them from getting wiped out by the computers.

The Radioactive Boyscout
I personally do not think computers will ever replace real books. But I like your idea about the books within books that tell a story when put together. You should do that! I'd buy it.

Well, if the price was reasonable, lol.

And the stories were good. :)
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