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Philadelphia Experiment discussion


The Philadelphia Experiment was an alleged event claimed to have been witnessed by an ex-merchant mariner 1 named Carl M. Allen 2 at the United States Navy’s Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, sometime around October 28, 1943. Allen described an experiment where the U.S. Navy attempted to make a destroyer escort class ship, the USS Eldridge, disappear and the bizarre results that followed.
The story first surfaced in late 1955 when Allen sent a book full of hand written annotations referring to the experiment to a U.S. Navy research organization and, a little later, a series of letters making further claims to a UFO 2 book writer. Allen’s account of the event is widely understood to be a hoax 1.
So I guess it’s by reinterpreting his own words related to ancient,mythical aliens too right?
This is an interesting topic indeed. Although I wouldn’t use Wikipedia as a source because it’s just plain wrong with a lot of its information, especially on politically-charged subjects.
Well for instance,as an example,even these days,nowadays it appears such subject known in popculture from original The X-Files tv mini-series(back then,when),leaked tech demo of computer games/video games Half-Life 2 Beta and even mentioned in Half-Life 2 Episode 2,Portal 2 also known as Aurora Borealis simply as Borealis Ship. FBI Agent Fox Mulder went to U.S.S. Eldritch and he suddenly disappeared from Bill Clinton Era History into World War 2 Era de-evolution of humans/mankind.
Reports are that military sailors sea soldiers had vanished within U.S.S. Eldridge,their bodies stucked within ship metalic parts like being merged. By reinterpreting words of some people witnesses…etc.
The ship disappeared.
In original The X-Files tv mini-series FBI Agent Fox Molder time travelled from Bill Clinton Era in USA to World War 2 Era. Is it really a fact that military government has more power than federal American government symbolically,metaphorically,historically,ironically speaking.
Maybe tinfoil people wouldn’t stuck at U.S.S. Eldridge ship. Speaking of those people who for instance,as an example,even these days,nowadays believes in ancient,mythical conspiracy theories.
In one of previous threads I mentioned teleporting cars,teleporting planes,teleporting people caught in CCTV Cameras. Right now it all reminds me of U.S.S. Eldridge/Philadelphia Experiment/Project Rainbow(I heard that it might be related to Project Montauk). It seems even Albert Einstein was possibly involved in U.S.S. Eldridge like he was involved in Manhattan Project in constructing atomic bomb. I heard that just only constructed underwater torpedoes during history of World War 2 Era. Symbolical,metaphorical evolution of technology in nutshell.
I watched The Film Theorists Rick and Morty Portal Gun Theory that portal was like jello created by black hole dark matter energy. By reinterpreting words of Matthew Patrick on YouTube. History of Human evolution in nutshell. I also heard about some guy who time travelled by something similar to the U.S. Eldridge had met younger Nikola Tesla and they both constructed Special chair that anyone who sits in it will gain all super powers.
Is it really a fact that military government has more power than federal American government symbolically,metaphorically,historically,ironically speaking.
No. Probably because the Federal government includes and has authority over the US military. There is no military government in the USA other than the governance the military has over its own personnel. The military is part of the Executive Branch of the US government and is headed by the President. The other two co-equal branches are the Legislature made up of the Senate and House of Representatives and the third branch is the Judiciary. The judiciary is headed by the Supreme Court and followed by the lower subordinate courts which generally have original jurisdiction in matters before the bar. There are a few exceptions where the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction. Each branch, under the Constitution, has a “check and balance” against the other two branches. And…

in the USA there is No national government. In most countries the national government, usually The Crown, created the states, shires, oblasts, prefectures, provinces, etc. In the USA it is the other way around. The states created the Federal, not National, government.
Let me guess maybe it’s none of my business, but I’m very curious are those U.S. Navy Marines soldiers? Besides Scientologists believing in the reincarnation are they responsible on building UFO/Aliens flying saucers that allows them to time travel like in Hollywood film industry movies?

Teleporting people (possibly ancient,mythical paranormal activities-or something like for instance as an example even these days nowadays in the adult swim tv mini-series streaming digital service Netflix Rick and Morty-portal guns,Predator,original Tom & Jerry Invisibility Ink episode-I don’t remember the name however I remember one of the scenes),teleporting cars(like Delorean in Back To The Future),teleporting planes(kind of like in nearby Bermuda Triangle kind like in the Star Trek,Marvel Cinematic Universe Loki).
Are they real? Speaking of real Men in Black? Or fake? Or should I don’t believe everything I see in the internet?


U.S.S. Eldridge is also known as Project Montauk,Project Rainbow,Philadelphia Experiment.

In movie Men in Black Agent M he had very fancy ancient,mythical time travelling device Cool looking gadget to the point I would love to get one of such time travelling tool. It’s probably considered one of government secrets classified stuff.

I also heard that allegedly FBI shut down the case of Marianas Web I heard it had access to the time machine. Probably something related to brand new quantum super computer,right?


I guess it might be somehow related to Ciccada 3310,right?

It all sounds like it might be Skynet.

From Terminator movie series.

That allows to time travel from the past,present and future.

Why people stormed Area 51? In Nevada. Planet Earth Milkyway Galaxy since estimate circa Anno Domini of year of 2019.

Are real Men in the Black aliens or not?
Teleporting cars are possibly a reason of that I probably should consider making car driving license. Or even modern innovative car like turning into giant robot like in original Mighty Morphing’ Power Rangers and Transformers,Gunstar Heroes.
So were US Navy Seals Soldiers Marines involved in U.S.S Eldridge or not?

I heard I saw also that some random,unknown old woman used something similar to modern mobile phone.

Also is ancient,mythical Shadow Person actually a time traveller that could use time machine and time travel to the past,present and future?

Am I sounding like person with OCD and PTSD?
Despite the risks involved, I have a strong desire to venture inside the U.S.S. Eldridge. It would be incredible if the ship were located in Gdańsk or Iłża, my own area in Poland within the European Union. It would essentially act as a sea time machine, transporting me back to the 1990s in the United States, allowing me to experience the past, present, and future in one place. Additionally, I can’t help but wonder if you have ever come across references to the Holy Grail or the Fountain of Youth.
There are suggestions that the Philadelphia Experiment could be a fabricated myth or urban legend attributed to a science-fiction writer named Carl Allen, who may not be the same person as Robert Allen, the music composer from Epic Mega Games known for the Jazz Jackrabbit computer game. Allen’s story involves alleged spying by real Men in Black on him and surviving U.S. Navy personnel aboard the U.S.S. Eldridge. However, the details surrounding his purported death at the hands of the Men in Black, supposedly due to possessing sensitive information, remain speculative.

Regarding the origin of the name John Titor, it is unclear how Larry Haber came up with the idea. It is possible that Haber fabricated the concept of a time machine, and there are even questions about whether he manipulated a particular black and white photo to resemble one from the World War 2 era.

As for the behavior of soldiers resembling the Men in Black and their ability to bully individuals, such as FBI agent Fox Mulder in the original “The X-Files,” it is important to note that Mulder’s belief in conspiracy theories influenced his behavior, making him distinct from the stereotypical tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist.

The notion of real Men in Black being ancient mythical UFOs or aliens is speculative and lacks concrete evidence.

Regarding Andrew Basiago and the alleged CIA project Pegasus, whether it involved American government spying or a genuine time-traveling machine is a subject of speculation. It is worth noting that the story of Andrew Carlssin involving insider trading turned out to be fabricated, and any symbolic or metaphorical connections to the case of Yuji Naka, the former head of Sonic Team who faced legal consequences, are speculative and lack substantiation.
Some off-topic remarks related to pop culture in your last post have been removed. Please stop posting these, and be mindful of what you post.
Are you building something similar to Skynet(is this of what unknown,mysterious Ciccada 3310 or Ciccada 3301 all about?) Quantum Super Computer that is allowing to Time Travel? In internet iceberg I heard something about Mariana’s Web I heard it something to do with Paranormal Activities so allegedly speaking of what if rumors are correct FBI closed that case. I even witnessed myself for instance as an example even days nowadays,but it happened very rarely REM sleep paralysis,Shadow person(would it be a time traveller from in the past,present or future that invented time machine?). I could meet up with younger Teenage Kath Soucie in the 1970’s and I could make Epic Games Founder and CEO Tim Sweeney a billionaire way much sooner earlier than later. I possibly learned telepathy.
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