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I thought of a way to time travel! w00t!


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Hello everyone... Now I am just a simple person trying to figure some Einstein equations out and I came across something quite peculiar. You must know by now (if you are a good time travel studying student) that for going the speed of light, you would need infinite energy, right? (v squared = c squared) However, I thought of something very peculiar. Einstein made that equation thinking that the velocity if equal to the speed of light would take infinite energy in <b>any time frame.</b>However, I believe this to be an incorrect assumption since at the speeds near the speed of light time references go out the window... So, what I propose is that in order to go faster than the speed of light first you have to 1. fly around a strong gravitational field (for a really long time, years and years-this is the infeasible part) using the "sling-shot effect" until you contain a good amount of speed compared to light. (I'd say 99% would be good) Then you fire a very strong laser (the laser would be more effective if it was created by microwaves striking chromium or some other laser conducting material. The photons created <b>do not</b> get absorbed into other particles because of the angle of alignment of the particles because they were created by microwaves. It's in a scientific american somewhere I'll have to find it. But anyway the particles are more effective because they don't get absorbed so fast. Okay, now back to the laser hitting the back of the ship.) at the back of the ship (or from an orbital relay or something) that will strike the ship, causing it to move faster than the speed of light. Okay, lost yet? Hopefully not...:) Okay, now the reason why light can speed other objects up <b>faster</b> than the speed of light is because of relativity. If light pushes you in your time frame, (Let's say for every second to you is half a second to everyone else) then you will accelerate faster than the speed of light in <b>your</b> time frame (light passes objects like everything is at rest-even when your traveling at near light speed) because light is pushing you way faster than we normally think it would because of the fact that your time frame = only half of the <b>energy per time frame</b> of light! Get it? If not then post again and I will explain more... Thanks...
Then you fire a very strong laser (the laser would be more effective if it was created by microwaves striking chromium or some other laser conducting material.

As you approach very high relativistic velocities you'll get very highly diminished returns from your laser. At .99 c the incoming photons will be so red shifted that they will have lost 86% of their energy. At .999999 c they will have lost 99.86% of their energy due to red shifting.

If your silver ship has a rest mass of 10,000 kg, at .999999 c it's relatavistic mass would be a whopping 7,071,069 kg - being pushed by photons that are literally "out of gas."
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