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  • Embarking on a digital quest through the vast citadels of Google and beyond, an ancient relic was unearthed: the revered "export" scroll dated September 5, 2014. Rejoice, for the chronicles thought lost have been found. Welcome back to the complete tapestry of TTI.

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To: MOP. What happened?

RE: Bump.

It would seem as if there is very little choice of deciding who will be the next moderator

But other then my self, I think Shadow will make an excellent moderator. Yet I doubt he will be able to tell people to “cool it” in the conventional sense, he does have a way of putting it straight forward that is just as effective

RE: Bump.

Cat; LOL

Mop: whats a moderator have to do____ exactly?

Everybody else; You are awfull quiet.