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Time Traveller Present At Jet Propulsion Lab


Temporal Novice
Howdy Doody.

Its both upsetting and amusing to me to recognise the entertainment people derive from the fictional hoaxery surrounding time-travel. Its long been argued that if actual physical temporal travel were ever to become a reality and as much part of the engineering sciences as aeronautics or astronautics, then ‘they’ for want of a better term, are already here. But certainly not on the strength of evidence provided on this self-proclaimed Time-Travel forum.

That’s not to say that even the most trivial discussion on this subject doesn’t attract close scrutiny from the highest quarters.

Real Time-Travellers would, of course, not be going out of their way to advertise their presence in a foreign day and age. But like clumsy tourists, even the most careful can’t help but leave plenty of clues. There are even those associated with these chrono-interlopers (me for example) who have it in their best interests to highlight those clues.

Time-Travellers do exist, from both the near and far future.

Take the example of one Walter Thiel....


Despite records to the contrary, one of the first seven German rocket scientists to be transferred to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds of the U.S. post WWII was none other than this gentleman, one of Von Braun’s colleagues - supposedly killed in the R.A.F Peenemunde raid of March 1943. Despite what the history books have to say on this subject, Thiel was amongst the most important members of the German rocket team and his decision to quit the project on the basis that the A-4 - which was eventually to become the V-2 - couldn’t be mass produced was seen even at the time as something of a mystery.

Few photographs in the public domain exist of Thiel. This one places him in his 1940’s context. He’s on the extreme left, while your pal and mine, Werner Von Braun is hard to miss ( being such a gorgeous poster boy for American rocketry), off on the right.


Now, fast forward to the 1960’s and Werner‘s been nicely disinfected by Paperclip and Walt Disney and ( being the Nazi with the least dirty hands ) is promoted to all-and-sundry as group leader of the German rocket team all the way back to the 1930s. But wait a second...


Who's he rubbing shoulders with once more? Oh, how very indiscreet of him. Come to think of it...how very indiscreet of me. You see, despite his untimely death (and the fact that his presence and identity was kept under tighter wraps than even Korolev's in the USSR), Thiel was one of the key players of the American rocket effort well into the Sixties. Of course, exactly what he was doing wheezing about Huntsville and the Marshall Space Flight Centre years after he was supposed to have succumbed to a bomber raid is anybody’s guess I suppose. I just think that in some respects, its a shame Doctor Thiel doesn’t get the proper recognition he deserves for current exploits in space. A tragedy really considering just how frighteningly developed space-borne technology has become. The XP-116N in particular will take its place in history as a major contributor in the first effective counter-strike made in a war being fought right beneath the noses of everyone here.

Once again, those that doubt forums like this are being carefully scrutinised - by those whose intentions are not merely to discuss - are much further from the mark than they might think.

There are those who would rather you didn’t know a healthy and chipper Dr Walter Thiel (born in 1910) is still to this very day an active force in, amongst other organisations, the Jet propulsion Laboratory in California.

* Internal memo exposing official U.S. Government interest in reality of physical Time-Travel. Document published within the confines of secret 36156 Pentagon Steering Group 3:L0. Welcome to the new world.

“Subject: ‘Co-ordination And Direction Of Inter-Agency Investigation 3:L0 ‘Magna’.
December 12, 2005

Combined analysis of all reports from representatives of the following are to be made by an umbrella committee named by 3:L0.

Defence Intelligence Agency
National Security Agency
Central Intelligence Agency
Federal Bureau Of Investigation
Federal Communications Commision
National Science Foundation
Internal Revenue Service
National Reconnaissance Office

Following Tether’s comments, no need to underline the important progress we’ve made this year. However, thing are moving fast and we must be even more aggressive with following this up. To further support our efforts and our commitment to accountability within the porject, we advised agencies last year that we would be conducting a special study to look at and review agency policies and practices in authorizing and tracking Magna subjects. A focused look at official policies and tracking methods should provide useful insights about the most effective approaches for managing resources and agency-management relations programs. The special study will be forwarded to you under separate cover.

All efforts are to be made in the development and improvement of effective co-ordination between all resources involved in Magna. Also, as of now, emphasis to be placed on ‘Operation Desert Focus’ incidents at KAAB in Dahran, security incursions at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, the first in December 1993 and complete and thorough re-evaluation of SAC alerts in northern tier states October and November 1975.

DMI clearance will be made for key members of the agencies involved to make way for better integration with the committee’s fire team.

Obviously, the less people we have in the loop the better. However, as we’re now confident we’re approaching the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ we’re confident this is the way to go. To support this integration, 3:L0 will structure a framework that will provide a set of ground rules for any engagements that may follow the detections we expect to make.

You will receive two invitations, one from the Magna Desk Project Officer and the other from the DMI team. Please extend the meeting invitation to the cleared individuals in your organization who will be representing your team on these efforts. The individuals assigned to these initiatives should understand the full gravity and implications of what we now believe we’re dealing with. If you have any questions or comments please contact the appropriate leaders listed below.

This memo heralded the start of the biggest shake-up in US intelligence since the 1960’s sending shockwaves of frantic activity up and down the government command structure, the causes of which will take many years to be fully believed...let alone comprehended. The first true inklings of awareness that a surveillance technology exists capable of infiltrating any security measure anywhere and anytime.

This Ultra-Secret black op was characterized by a sudden interest in historical incidents previously thought dead-and-buried. Covert investigation becomes the order of the day for the likes of the FBI and CIA, with most of those involved in the invigorated cases completely unaware of why.

What should trigger this.... reactions to the nascent stirrings of a counter-government that has lain growing but calculatingly-dormant since the arrival of the ‘Paperclip’ scientists at the end of the last World War? (Is it too much to imagine that just by allowing their presence in this country, the US government had already been successfully blackmailed by Nazi scientists ? )

In a period where Israel has increasingly stated they cannot tolerate a nuclear Iran and prepare to send special force teams against it, is it too much to imagine that the US government could not tolerate the meddlings of a Time-Travelling US? What kind of defence mandate could an administration carry out to defend itself from its own future?

What other current events might hide strident but increasingly clumsy attempts by the US government to track down those that are present who otherwise s

Reported February 16th 2006: John Deutch forced to stand down from the board set up to discuss how best to serve Saddam Hussein up on a platter. Deutch, A last minute pardon from the out-going Clinton left many scratching their heads. And understandably. Who could forget his little faux pas...?

February 17, 2000

Pentagon probe targets Deutch

By Bill Gertz

¬¬¬¬¬The Pentagon is investigating whether ultrasecret "black programs" were compromised by former CIA Director John Deutch after he put details about some of the Defense Department's most sensitive activities on his home computers.

¬¬¬¬¬The CIA, meanwhile, launched a "damage assessment" to determine whether its secrets were compromised by Mr. Deutch, who was CIA director from 1995 to 1996.

¬¬¬¬¬The CIA withheld information from the Pentagon about what are known as "special access programs" for more than a year and only provided it after news reports highlighted the security breach earlier this month.

¬¬¬¬¬Special-access programs are so secret that officials privy to them are authorized to lie to keep them from becoming public. Most are kept secret from the CIA and only disclosed to the Pentagon's top three or four officials.

¬¬¬¬¬Among the black programs currently under way are efforts to develop new weapons and methods of warfare, including electronic "information warfare" and how the U.S. military plans to conduct it in the future. They also include highly sensitive intelligence and collection development programs for future operations.

¬¬¬¬¬* “Special-access programs are so secret that officials privy to them are authorized to lie to keep them from becoming public”

So who woulda thunk it? A quick glance at the investigation into Deutch’s improper handling of classified material shows that he himself should have been served up on a platter...


So if Deutch was pardoned in order to prevent the compromise of intelligence activities even the Pentagon didn’t know about then what Black Programs are we discussing?

Well, this happened in a week that Capitol Hill was still reeling after Rumsfeld’s record defence budget of more than $439 billion for 2007 had been unveiled. And that didn’t even include the tens-of-billions of dollars needed to support operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as the administration funded the Iraq and Afghanistan deployments through separate legislation. Of course, while congressmen are outraged by this outlay, particularly as its at the expense of civil programmes, they were blind-sided to the fact that the budget did more than just hide the true cost of the wars. They missed the fact that buried within the fiscal policy details are the many billions being put aside for the development of exactly the kind of black operation research (and command structure development) that Samuel Berger and John Deutch - to a lesser extent- got their wrists slapped for compromising. These programs, particularly those that fall under what, until recently, would have been known as MAGNA (The rightful heir to surveillance projects dating all the way back to VENONA, not to mention its satellite surveillance cousin CORONA ) will have the most profound impact in the coming years.

While you watch CNN reports on the increasingly tangled mess Iraq has become, the real war, the future war is brewing and there are those in the here and now who are painfully aware of it. They’re working furiously as we speak to both comprehend it, counter it and prosecute it. The threat they perceive is a real one. Actual physical incursions into this era by individuals who (by current understanding) should not be here. What popular culture has monikered ‘Time Travellers.’ They are seeking them across many continents, using cutting-edge technology, technology that those who accept their information in the same way they accept being herd-fed fast food burgers, can only dream of. The new battleground is here...and now. The dreadful part is that, historically, it could well make Corporal Hitler’s rampage across Europe look like a garden party.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s statement that “The threat posed by large armies has not gone away. And the kinds of capabilities that are necessary to continue to see that they are deterred and dissuaded require investment," is a smoke screen. Look into the investment in space-borne detection systems of the kind currently slated in the CDI’s space security listings. They have little to do with conventional warfare.

Consider the XSS-11 satellite, touted as an orbital inspection platform but recently admitted to have anti-satellite capabilities.


This is not the only application of this orbital technology concealed from the taxpayers who financed it.

The Intelligence Community shake-up continues and no amount of whistle-blowing will alert a press already under the thumbs of vested corportae interest. Its now some years since John Negroponte was named by Bush as the first Director Of National Intelligence. The file on him should make fascinating reading to anyone interested in gleaning something about the activities of so-called Black Programs.

Like the successor to VENONA, PAPERCLIP is alive and well.

And what of Uber-Spook Porter Goss, the first Director of Central Intelligence following the passage of the IRTPA 2004 Act, which abolished the DCI position?

In a week when the Iranian leadership brushed aside a published report that described how the US were planning for possible military strikes against Iranian atomic facilities as “psychological war,” the CIA Director remained uncharacteristically silent about locating the source of said report - unnamed current and former Pentagon officials.

Since taking over from Tenet in 2004, Goss had been remarkably tireless in his efforts to shake up the CIA and stop all intelligence leaks, particularly those to do with covert ‘black’ operations and future military strategies.

Despite putting plenty of noses out of joint in his clampdown efforts Goss (heavily criticised by many for being far too partisan and politicising the agency by hiring Republican aides) seems more than happy to give some Pentagon officials their head when being liberal with the juicy gossip.

The Pentagon official, for e.g., who squealed about the possible military applications of the XSS-11 satellite orbited by the Air Force didn’t receive so much as a knuckle rap. Could it be that this apparent leak was in fact an effective smoke screen for the infinitely more secret XP-116N launched by a Titan IVb two years ago? As a precursor and test bed for this handy new bag of tricks, the XSS-11 has also done good service in the sleight of hand department allowing a little known branch of the National Reconnaissance Office to deploy ultra-advanced technology for use by Goss and others involved in MAGNA’S world-wide ‘surveillance’ efforts. This system is operating right now and is already operational successfully detecting and targeting the focus of the projects interests - ‘anomalous incursion points.’ These will be the first of what project leaders are hoping will be major breakthroughs in a conflict that is hotting up beneath even the hidden NEOCON global agenda.

Those in doubt that Goss was not the ultimate fox in charge of a chicken coop should look beyond his close ties to the Bush family that go back many decades. What of his ‘on the ground’ participation working for the Directorate of Operations in ‘Operation 40’ during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Or his curious presence in that other arena of Twentieth Century political fortunes, an event that those with a mind for it would discover was practically awash with time travellers - the Assasination of John F. Kennedy? There’s little doubt that Goss is a man with some real history. What, for e.g., can be said of his association with Tosh Plumlee the CIA pilot linked with the President’s murder?

And how would the members of this board react if I told them that the jacket found beneath a car in the vicinity of JD Tippet’s murder on Nov 22, 1963 contains real and hard evidence of an incursion by a temporal incursion by a person from the future?

* They are here.
And how would the members of this board react if I told them that the jacket found beneath a car in the vicinity of JD Tippet’s murder on Nov 22, 1963 contains real and hard evidence of an incursion by a temporal incursion by a person from the future?

I think he would be from 2009, and is related to -GE- black ops... /ttiforum/images/graemlins/devil.gif

btw it will resolve the mistery of The timing of the events...


Best Regards
Well, I read part of it, but do not have the time right now to read all of it or digest it.

Just one question though?

Why would you spell a word in the English (England's) spelling instead of the American spelling:

recognise == recognize (??)

But read the rest later, if I have any time to begin with to know what any of it is about!
"And how would the members of this board react if I told them that the jacket found beneath a car in the vicinity of JD Tippet’s murder on Nov 22, 1963 contains real and hard evidence of an incursion by a temporal incursion by a person from the future?"

so thats where i put that jacket! poo... guess ill never get that gameboy back... :D