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The 'Tell' John Titor is a fake...


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The \'Tell\' John Titor is a fake...

An obvious tell that John Titor is the times he was posting. If one looks closely at the times, it shows he is an office worker of some kind - manager, programmer or engineer.

The majority of the postings are just before 9, at lunch times or from 3:30-5:00.

These times are the principle 'goof-off' times in an office environment.

Admittedly, they are some late night postings but these are out the main pattern.

Why would a time traveler be at work?
Re: The \'Tell\' John Titor is a fake...

That is a point of suspicion that I haven't heard before. But, like the others, it doesn't prove anything. The reason that those times were convenient for him could be for many reasons. Perhaps he routinely checked messages after eating. Whether a person works or not they frequently eat meals at the same time every day.
Re: The \'Tell\' John Titor is a fake...

i come on around that time and im not an office worker, nor do i go to school. thats just the time that i use the computer.
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