"The future ain't what it used to be."
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The Seraph



The future is a difficult place. But, believe me when I say, it's worth fighting for. No matter how dark and cold it may seem, there is always hope on the horizon.

I come from a time when the world is recovering from an extremely dark period in our history—your future. But we are a resilient people, and we have managed to pull through. No matter how difficult things may seem, holding on to love and hope is what carries you through. Things will get better. And, when they do, you will be stronger for having gone through these cold times. The revelations to come will be worth the turmoil.

I am not here to answer your questions about the mechanics of time travel, as they aren't mechanical in nature per-se. You aren't ready for these specific concepts, nor will they mean anything coherent until society is able to collectively ascend. The Law of One is at play here.

You must stay strong. You must keep your chin up. And, most importantly, you must expand your consciousness.

My purpose for posting this is to provide encouragement, however small it may be in the times ahead. Those who need to see this message will, and I tell you that the key to making it through the tough times is to expand your spiritual foundation, through whatever medium makes the most sense to you. Church, meditation, mind-altering substances; anything that you feel gives your consciousness "permission" to receive that which you need. Pursue that which brings you joy and balance, as the more spiritually aware you are, the better equipped you will be to handle what's coming our way.

The Law of One is important because it helps us understand how we are all connected. It is not the only truth, but part of a larger one. We are all part of the same universe, regardless of time or place. And by understanding that, we can learn to love and care for each other more. You must define who you are and what you aspire to become. In doing so, you will define what you are not and begin the process of shedding the negative vibrations holding our reality captive.

Hold the line. The light will come.

I have so many questions to ask you.

1.What year did you came from?

2.Is your time is the same as John Titor described?

3.What kind of device that you are using to travel from the past nor future?

4.Why are you encouraging people to stay within? Is there someone who is important to our society? If so who is it?

5.Will there be a nuclear war in the future? If so can you tell us who won in nuclear war?

6.When will the time travel be invented?

GM anon ! What good timing for you to appear and share your words of encouragement. And I like the title of your post too. For those who listen to the wind will be inspired to keep holding the line & being that light. The concept of this future which you describe seems like one to be fighting for. This intention of concentration of spiritual aptitude seems like a new key to try in all these doors & gates. Can you describe more why we need to charge up these particular batteries ? What is going to happen down the road that requires an element of faith & belief ? Can you reveal more about your thoughts on the Law of One ? Are there laws of other numbers too that you know about ? Are they related to frequency ? Where are you from anon ? And I’m missing a Fren from here- if you see him can you say Ahoy ?