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Superfluid/light analogy to fluid/sound

Well anyways I'm pretty sure you posted something along the lines of: Falling behind in reading the posts because you were gone for the weekend at Lockheed helping out with trying to get us to the Moon and Mars. Savvy this Cat never forgets!

Ahhhh, yes, I think you could be right! They say that the first sign of old age shows in the memory (or lack thereof). Anyway, you got me! I generally try to not mention company names so that speculative conspiracy theorists don't use that name with "Rainman said..." Shame on me for violating my own rules! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/frown.gif

Yes, Merkabah (light vehicle). Do you know how to access yours?

I am working on it, but not there yet. Got some references that can help me accelerate the "construction"?

There is hidden speculation of 2 types of vehicles. One is the physical one that some more technologically advanced beings use to generate the fields necessary to travel thru the dimensions. However, they are only able to traverse the "LOWER" dimensions.

Interesting! I agree with the physical limitation of only visiting lower dimensions. In my "spare time" I have been trying to work thru the basic vehicle design that would "get us there". The triangular (actually 3-D tetrahedral) shape is key to building a light-field around the body. The connection that really got me going on this was the synchronicity of the description of the Merkaba as a "light vehicle" and the similarity to the concept of the Ring Laser Gyro (RLG), used in my field. The RLG actually uses a triangular pattern of mirrors, and splits a beam of light and sends it bouncing around the mirrors in both (clockwise and counterclockwise) directions. After a long enough trip around these mirrors, the difference between the two beams is formed as the primary sensor measurement. And what does it measure? Well, TIME rate of change of a body's ROTATION. Those were the two clues that had me "off" on my "sprint" to the finish line...not there yet!

My belief is that the RLG we are using right now as a mere sensing device for rotation and time, can be modified and scaled-up to become an actual CONTROL device. This is where my ponderings on closed-loop feedback systems, and how they relate to Chaos non-linear dynamics, comes in. I imagine the vehicle as shaped in a tetrahedral form (pyramids of Giza, anyone?). You sit in the middle of it, and a closed-loop light field is formed around you. The key control element is the "pilot"...or rather, the pilot's mind. Since thought is the only control means we know of that operates as fast (faster?) than light, the mind is the only "computing device" capable of acting fast enough to actually control the light vehicle in its journey through interdimensional adventures.

All speculation really, dont take my word for it.

:D I never ignore informed speculation! And so what does your speculative self say to my thoughts on the physical Merkaba that I express above? Any of it ring true? I've gotta say, you are one INTERESTING CAT!

Kind Regards,

But how do you share your light vehicle? Can I come over and barrow it? LOL, sounds funny but... I do eat so I can work and not the other way around and I find that Science (math) is a materialistic object that we can hold and share. With out that, I would have to write Hamlet in order to read it and each time I revised my copy I would have to completely start over from scratch.

So the non physical (as you implied; biological) light vehicle kind of falls into the category of The Tegmark 'Quantum Suicide' experiment of not being practical. However, Science is the pursuit of truth. So my real question is: Have you? How? What have you found?
Consider "Push" theory.

You're already establishing yourself as a valuable member of our rag-tag "team", Leot! Welcome aboard, and thanks so much for all the inputs! This URL looks quite interesting just based on the "laundy list" of difficulties with current, accepted cosmology. I'm going to enjoy reading it when I have some uniterrupted moments this evening.

Thanks for being a great teacher! :D

Kind Regards,

This is known as an end around.

The push theory is nothing more than a previously fought series of issues, such as the age of the universe and why very distant light waves, can reach Earth at all?

The big argument was at The Carnegie Observatories, in Pasadena California, a few years back.

This argumentation was over topologies, concerning ghost veils explosion remnants.

Source data, Wendy L. Freedmen, The Freedmens, on cosmologies, Scientific American.
2.On prolate photonic overpumped tensors:

One of the premises that some aspects of this board was founded on, are factors known as overpumped lasic tensors.

Light at flow values, without modulation, as you have put forward here, hold values as only fluid light realizations, not as modulated values.
I have a question because I am finding it hard to determine exactly what you mean when I assume the words you meant. If I am out of order, please forgive me and then due us the honor of correcting me. Thank you.

prolate photnoc overpumped tensors

I know what tensor means. I know that over pumped is 2 words and what they mean. What does prolate mean? Elongate? Axis is longer then the diameter?

What is photnoc. Photonic?

I assumed you meant: prolate photonic over pumped tensor.

Explain: Fluid light realizations contrasting modulated values.

Also, can you be provide a link?

The big argument was at The Carnegie Observatories, in Pasadena California, a few years back. This argumentation was over topologies, concerning ghost veils explosion remnants.
Hi Leot'

Einstein Bose, stipulate that due to both environs and temperature, that light may be slowed.

The original premise as placed forward within this forum, by said Dr. Anderson, is that lasic values, modulated in such a way, so do affect time.

In the said Merkaba meditations as offered by CAT, there is a stipulation that a value of this design, could both encapsulate one?This is said an altered time, personally, however a proof of concept, is what was originally sought, within the pretense of this forum.

A frensil lens, achieving rotational values, to where a form of lasic light would be pumped into this rotating apparatus, possibly could give an exterior margin, which would serve as a vehicle.

I have followed some of what you have been saying, however in order to construct light as a vessel, one must over-tense the value of a photon, rather than only direct its flow.

In order words, the Einstein Bose condensate, would have to be adjusted to an apparatus, rather than be driven by a person, as CAT and a web site dealing with Merkabic meditations had prescribed?

Photons are measured within the realms of units of forces, their effect of, however are massless and can only be directed.

Over-pumping creates a dynamic stance, which affords light a virtual body, which reacts to space and time.

It is coincidence' however the remake of the movie, The Time Machine, relays some of these facts.

The original interviews with Anderson stipulated modulated forms of lasic light, as affecting time.

I hope this helps?
Leot refreshes the thought>The big argument was at The Carnegie Observatories, in Pasadena California, a few years back. This argumentation was over topologies, concerning ghost veils explosion remnants.)

This second topic is a differnt subject, so must be replied to, in a separate heading.

This post I have captured of your quote of me, is continued in Scientific Americans Article, The True Age Of The Universe, as Projected by Wendy L. Freedmen and her husband at the Carnegie Observatories.

This is old spit milk, as the argumentation that had ensured from Freedmen's spectrogphy of huge ghost veils.These were leftover from giant galactic explosions, pointed out to the fact, that the age of the universe was much older than a mere 16 billion years in time.

The second hinge on this argument, were discoveries of very distant galaxies, in an area of the big dipper, were there were supposedly no stars at all?

They let the aperture of the Hubble open and nothing happened at first.

However in time, the takup on the Hubble started to show extremely faint protogaxilies, which by measurement alone, had to well exceed the many billions of years, marker in time?

The question belies the fact, that if these galaxies are so, fantisimially distant, then how can light as a value given off by star matter, stay coherent long enough to reach the observer?

There must be a recycling or renewal, process within the process of light rays, given off at a distance themselves?

This is the dynamics of the light alone.
However the distances traveled, are utterly mind boggfeling, as we may not have a proper way to even surmise how distant these very primordial bodies are, due to their exaggerated Hubble lengths alone.

What I came up with outside of unified systems of measurements, are realms of time light.

Each realm however is always considered mass gravity realms, or that time which is current within these supposed realms.

You start to look into goggleplexive numbers and the mind starts to fold into the shear complexities of the values of the distances alone.

I will try to find this link for you.
Yes and very much so. Thank you for taking the time to educate me because I do not completely follow or claim to have more insight into this topic. Unfortunately, my response to CAT was a bit hasty (only having a limited amount of knowledge regarding the Merkaba meditations) and I did not mean for it to sound rash.

At this point the topic and concept, I feel, is above me and I hope I don’t burden anyone if I ask more and more questions regarding it. I am truly awaiting your response CAT.

In response to your statement, creedo:

in order to construct light as a vessel, one must over-tense the value of a photon, rather than only direct its flow.

What are your thoughts on that being possible? Anyone?
Oh, Creedo, Creedo, Creedo!

The push theory is nothing more than a previously fought series of issues, such as the age of the universe and why very distant light waves, can reach Earth at all?
The big argument was at The Carnegie Observatories, in Pasadena California, a few years back.
This argumentation was over topologies, concerning ghost veils explosion remnants.
Source data, Wendy L. Freedmen, The Freedmens, on cosmologies, Scientific American.

I'm not going to rant quite as heavily as Siegmund did, but I am afraid I must follow his/her lead when I ask you to update your knowledge with recent findings. Wendy Freedman's work (note proper spelling of her name) was documented in a 1998 issue of SciAm. Her work even continued, based on Hubble Space Telescope data, into 2000 where her group concluded they had defined the Hubble constant (rate of universal expansion) to a level of accuracy never before achieved. She is quite an amazing scientist, but unfortunately she relied on "visible matter" (which includes matter observed via radio telescopes, which is really not visual) to come to her conclusions.

About the same time as she and her group were claiming success, the folks at NASA were gearing up to launch their WMAP probe into an L2 orbit between the Sun and Earth. In Feb of 2003 the WMAP science team had conclusive evidence that there is WAY more "stuff" out there than the ordinary matter that we see (and which Wendy Freedman's calculation was based). Here is a quote from the NASA page with the precise numbers I couldn't recall the other day:

"The contents of the universe include 4 percent atoms (ordinary matter), 23 percent of an unknown type of dark matter, and 73 percent of a mysterious dark energy. The new measurements even shed light on the nature of the dark energy, which acts as a sort of anti-gravity."

So, while you may want to argue that the "Push Theory" is dead, I am afraid it is still alive and kicking. And did you read all those anomalies with "standard" cosmology in the link that Leot provided? Do you care to try your scientific mind on tackling some of those? I've said it before and it is still valid: You need a lot more coherency in your posts before I care to take them seriously.

And your comments on "prolate photonic overpumped tensors"... I'm not even going to touch those, since it appears you might not be aware that "overpumping" is actually a negative byproduct of trying to improve the coherency of laser light!

And the term "over-tense"? C'mon! Even an aerospace weenie like me knows a TENSOR is nothing more than an n-rank vector. (i.e. a vector is a specific form of tensor with rank 1). It's a noun, not a verb! And since tensors (like vectors) have magnitude AND direction, they really do not apply to photonic light, which is omnidirectional. Light is frame-INVARIANT, and tensors deal with covariant and contravariant transformations between reference frames.

So do you want to try again, or maybe provide some more solid references?

Kind Regards,
Ring Laser Gyro (RLG). Very interesting RM! I'm not well educated in aeronautics but I've got somewhat of an idea and insight into what you're describing.

The ring laser is a precision tool to study drag. The laser gyroscope provides data regarding the aircraft's pitch and roll, location over the earth's surface, and flight accuracy. It's an inertial navigation device that helps guide, steer, and stabilize the airplane. Considering a plane can fly from Chicago to London, drifting less than one nautical mile per hour from its flight route, a phenomenal feat of navigational accuracy.

With counter-rotating beams by rotation and two modes consisting of one clockwise and one counter-clockwise mode, which form a standing wave pattern. One way of understanding the operation of an optical gyroscope is to think of this standing wave pattern, governed by the vacuum speed of light, remaining as stationary as possible with respect to the local inertial frame. As the Earth rotates so too does the body of the ring as nodes and antinodes pass the mirrors and the detector generating a beat frequency.

Also to know is that there is a chemical that is produced in the brain. It has to do with our biological clock and light exposure that changes the behavior of the suprachiasmatic nucleus, a gland at the base of the brain, which controls the body clock. Over a cycle of 24 hours and 20 minutes it sends signals to the rest of the body, triggering production of hormones, which create daily cycles known as circadian rhythms. A certain frequency light can also reset the biological clock! Functioning with light sensors and electrical charge for people that suffer from jet lag.

As for use with the Merkabah it can certainly apply! Geometric form is a very important factor especially "tetrahedral" because it happens to be the very first platonic solid!

In the book of Genesis (Hebrew) this designed structure is well defined in the very first printed word (B'reshith) meaning in the beginning. When we break this word down into 3 segments we get B(Bet)=In, Esh=Fire, Shith= A thorn or the number six or six thorn. This is actually a tetrahedral. That alone in itself is one of the greatest mysteries unraveled. We can come to know, to uncover G-d, concealed in nature and come to know His TRUE being. We can finally know the truth that G-d has concealed within creation awaiting our discovery. Maybe it is the scientific exploration of Torah that G-d has wanted from us from the beginning?

Leot, to activate your Merkabah, you must first learn to meditate. It is a complicated combination between tricking your body and brain into creating hormones. These hormones must cycle your body at certain points. You must learn to "spin" (clockwise/counterclockwise) these frequency energy fields. Amazingly sort of like the picture I posted above (scroll up) of the diagram that shows the Tree of Knowledge, its combined with a picture of a swirl. This in fact is how the nervous system flows throughout the body.

Creedo, your eyes are bluer than blue with pupils that dilate quickly into quantum blackness. Did you schedule a conference room for this discussion? Why didn't you circulate a memo? What kind of an operation is this?

I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you!

I'm not even gonna touch this one cuz RainmanTime obviously knows a LOT more about physics than I do. You should learn something from that creedo.

(ok ok... I guess this is just a cheap shot)
Hey Cat,

I see you are at it again! For you to jump in on a thread usually means that there are things afoot and after reading some of the posts, I think I understand why. Every once in a while, a few people seem to gravitate towards the true issues of time travel-not to mention the structure of the universe.

The one thing I would like to add to this thread is the idea that Creedo so easily considered as unimportant simply because it had been debated before. I'm talking of the "push" theory of gravity. How is it that science can say on one hand that an extremely dense neutron star can eventually transform into a black hole--but on the other hand say that the singularity that created the universe blew up! According to cosmology, this is a death reaction of getting too heavy and dense. Does this mean that the universe began from the death of the singularity?

Taking into consideration the discussion of fluid dynamics, what is the most permeable fluid in the universe? Water comes to mind but there is a much more dynamic fluid--space. If, as I believe, that there was an implosion as opposed to an explosion at the big bang, then space becomes a fluid that is not "bent" by matter but is, in reality, the most dynamic force in the universe.

I once asked an astronaut at a speaking engagement if any research had been done on "space" itself. He was dumbfounded at the question. He stated that all kinds of research had been done "in" space. A year later, an article appeared in Scientific American stating results of research "on" space. Surprisingly, they found that there were fluctuations in the energy flux of space itself. Its effect was so infinitesimal, no conclusions were drawn. Gravity is also a weak force. I have long proposed that gravity is a push and not a pull. Simply increasing the pressure of water, for example, it will seek out every nook and cranny until it finds a way of escaping its confinement. In a similar way, fusion experiments at Lawrence Livermore Labs are running into the same problem--containing all the energy which is actively seeking a way to escape--and does so in a fraction of a second.

If you consider the implosion idea, then the distances involved for light to travel to the end of the universe is instantaneous and timeless since the universe is, in reality, still a point in space. Its vastness is an illusion to us. It is only in this way that non-local events can appear to surpass the speed of light and thus bringing in the multiverse theory that supposes a big bang. In Cat's merkaba ideas, this is what the "light in the tent" is all about. By studying merkaba, the very form of the universe can be mapped in all four dimensions. There is evidence of the "burning bush" throughout the universe--a fire infolding itself yet never being consumed. The Prime Temporal Point is both the singularity at the beginning of time and the ever-expanding tent of that singularity. The proof is in the pudding. It is ironic that contradictions and seeming errors in cosmology are "accepted", but the contradictions and seeming errors of "Torah" are evidence for irrevelance. It is also interesting that "future history" in Torah also speaks of a time when knowledge would increase and many run to and fro. Knowledge is at a breakneck speed. All my lifelong studies are coming to points. Interestingly, as Cat mentioned, character development seems to be an integral part of whether we will inherit time travel. The whole story of a Savior has more to do with preparation for entering into timelessnes rather than the "spiritualized" view of becoming a "saint" to inherit heaven. The "end" is the same but it's a question of whether the "end" justifies the means. We can't just "time travel" and hold onto our false ideas. There is a belief system involved.
To all:

Ever hear of (or read) any of the KRYON material? Well, there is some VERY interesting material, and some predictions, in the latest Kryon channeling .

I'd pay WAY more attention to this guy (Lee Carroll) than I would some fictitious John Titor! The Kryon predictions he has channeled in the past 10 years have been right on. And in that link above, he discusses some of the interdimensionality topics, and speed of light issues, that we have been talking about. He has also channeled info that tells us our DNA is based on the Tree Of Life, something which I have always resonated with in my studies of Qabalah. CAT? Here kitty! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Now, some would claim I am biased to Lee's channelings since he is a trained engineer. This may be true. However, the fact he is an engineer (rather than some "man of the cloth" or other non-scientific type) tells me that he would REJECT this channeling if it did not ring true to his scientific self. My "BS barometer" for New Age information keys off of my deep knowing that Science must reconcile with Spirituality. They are two halves of a whole. And so, when I hear New Age material that does not resonate with the scientific side of me, I have to wave the BS flag!

Hang on, folks! We are in for some BIG BIG changes on this podunk planet! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Kind Regards,
Hey Zeru! Man, am I glad you poked your head up! Stick around and keep contributing. Your energy is welcome here, at least by lil ole me!

It is also interesting that "future history" in Torah also speaks of a time when knowledge would increase and many run to and fro. Knowledge is at a breakneck speed. All my lifelong studies are coming to points.

Ain't that the truth?! I have seen what I thought were disparate pieces of my past history all begin to coalesce over just the past 2 years! Freaking amazing once you put all the pieces together and step back to take a look at it. It sure helps to whittle away at any remaining fear.

But oh, will there be people who will become VERY afraid by what is ahead of us. Rationale thought based on our senses is so comfortable, and these people will need help adjusting (if possible) to something that is beyond their senses.

This place is feeling very comfortable indeed. No hard feelings, eh Creedo? :D

Kind Regards,

Did not say push theory was spent, only said that this seemed to be a rehash?

CAT, very good,.. ringed gyro lasers...?
Ur thinkin kid, that's good.
Did not say push theory was spent, only said that this seemed to be a rehash?

OK, I can accept that. But don't you think "rehash" is a good thing, especially in light of new data? Let's talk about the WMAP data, because it is more earth-shattering than most people give it credit for. If "push theory" was not summarily debunked back in the 90s, and WMAP data is telling us "there is more out there than what we see", should't we rehash those theories that were not yet Popper-falsified?

Kind Regards,
Zerub, surprise SURPRISE! You caught me off guard! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif If there is ever a man to seek knowledge from, YOU BE IT! Your input and correspondence is priceless! You have opened my eyes up to many new ideas of thought! The readers of this forum don't know what great inspiration they're in for! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Your right, I'm trying to reach out and convey a strong message here! More so an insight into what's in store for the future. Sort of lighting the path... Space is not empty and its push...The light in the meeting tent is the singularity!

Man is still man no matter what! I often wonder what would happen with humanity at this point in time if we were thrown back into the cavemen days? We would still be smart to the point where survival instincts would kick in, but we would have lost all the technical devices that have elevated our living styles. We would be rendered helpless with no cooperation of organized and civilized corporation to produce implemented products. We would have to resort to primitive stone chiseled knives for hunting! If any of us were thrown back in time it's quit logical to understand the concept that we need cooperation and organization to advance.

And the same would be if we were flung into the future! We would be dumb struck to understand that just placing your hand over a sensor triggers a reaction, or walking into your house and saying light on. Digital communications, Computer/Cell phone technology, particle entanglement. These will all be impending factors that implement the conscious senses over matter. When this great feat is overcome than we will have advanced to a new state. If thrown back in time, we would "not have" lost this knowledge and ideas, we simple "would not" have the tools to replicate them. We would have to start over from scratch.

So yes there will be a change, but more so in terms of a conscious technical advancement.

RM, in your search and understanding for the Tree of Knowledge. The story of the Apple might have been a metaphoric tool for describing the apple as (eating) looking into it and seeing a torus, seed inside itself, continuous creation, introduction to a primordial language. The knowledge that brought forth a "higher" degree of frequency and thought that aided consciousness in making it more aware of iniquity in its "lower" frequency. It was a fall from grace. Ponder on that one for a while...
Much like the applied nuclear energy that changed things back in the 40's.

I believe it's always been about energy. Moving it around is the tricky part and thinking outside the closed circuit of the universe is like severing the power cord for your computer and still having it operate within its form which defines its purpose. There's just something missing there! and perhaps it's our view.

Maybe it's like a mirror. Objects that travel don't really travel in the direction we see them traveling and at the same time, they do!

The duality of man is one thing and being about to think and visualize that which is beyond our 4 dimensional frame of reference is truly the next step in our evolution (and we are/have already begun this). A new discovery of harnessing energy (coal, oil, fission, ...) will show us this. The problem is that such a discovery (allowing us to tap an infinite supply of energy) is coming much too soon much like nuclear energy.

There has to be a unison of science and spiritually so that the concept of infinite energy supplied and controlled is not misinterpreted by not looking properly at what it is we think we are controlling.