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How do you guys feel about Ultimate Bulletin Board?



Have you ever heard of the Ultimate Bulletin Board? It's a very advanced fancy-schmancy type of message board used on some of the more professional sites (see Home Theater Forum, for example).

We may be implementing UBB sometime soon, and I want some input from you guys on what you think. There's one big advantage to UBB, and that is that it permits the creation of "moderators". That means that a couple of you guys could end up administering the TTI Discussion Forum. I've already got a couple ideas of who should moderate.

Let's hear what you all have to say.

Hi Mop.

Sounds like a great idea.

We all want this board to become as popular and as professional as possible - and this looks to be the first major step. I've had a look at this UBB, and it looks very professional. The major part of the TTI is obviously this Bulletin Board, and with a subject as exciting and wide as Time Travel a better and more professional board would be excellent both for us and the average surfer.

I hope this board grows to be the best of its subject on the net, of which I already think it is, and a more diverse and interesting, professional board would further the TTI's success and audience.

With all the other sites who claim to talk of Time Travel, this board and the TTI certainly are teh most mature, as it is so hard to be in a area of such contoversy and indecision like Time Travel.

We already know of the great names and ideas that have been contibuted to this board, we can only further progress, a new and better board would be the foundations, exactly what the TTI needs to promote itself the world. Keep the posts coming in guys (and gals!)

Excellent idea Mop!

Peter J. Attwood
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