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"density/age a clue to distants"



\"density/age a clue to distants\"

If an unusually dense meteorite were found it is likely that it was caused by exposer to near light speeds {the theory closer to light speed the denser an object becomes} it would be unlickly to have come from a very dense object or planet ,by thier very nature and very high gravity unlikly to allow matter to escape,..would it be possibly to figure out a mathematical equation to see how density and the age of the meteorite equates to the distants traveled?
RE: \"density/age a clue to distants\"

Just because an object with dense matter exists, do we have to come to the conclusion that it traveled faster then light? Doesn't make much sense.

It would be like if I lived in the 17th hundreds and claimed that someone was a witch just because he knew to much.

See what I mean?