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The village idiot (GWB) who leads the pockets of his people (controls the economy/uses the countries money?) shall lose his life on his own soil(explains itself really).

close ?

Trollface , he meant to write "line his pockets" IMO, realised afterwards that he screwed up but then was stuck with it as his posturing is all about being wise (or as most time travellers here would probably say, "wiserer") when compared to us.

Which is funny. And sad.

But mostly funny.
This is a prophecy of Naustrodamus, he's been watching TLC this week!

Oh, yeah, I remember this now. It's not a prophecy, it's a joke that some have mistaken for a prophecy: http://www.snopes.com/humor/iftrue/nostra.htm

Yuk yuk. Nostradamus wrote a lot of stuff so general (and obscure) that with the help of a little imagination (and some liberal interpretations from the original French), people have claimed he has "predicted" nearly every event of significance since the mid-16th century. But nothing in his writings comes close to the quatrain quoted above, even when translated by a first-year French student. This is just another bit of election year humor.