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The physics of time reversal healing...


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Member # T876 of TAP-TEN writes the following for your review...


Anyone care to comment on the physics of time reversal healing?


Yes, a medical treatment device --- using higher group symmetry


electromagnetics as a great extension of the work by Priore and by


Becker -- that would time-reversed damaged or diseased cells back to


a previous undamaged and disease-free physical state, could be


developed. It would be able to treat (and begin the cure) of such


diseases, with the treatment lasting 2 minutes or so. Three such


treatments, one week apart, would do it. The fundamental approach was


proven in France in the 1960s and early 1970s, in thousands of


revolutionary animal experiments. The effort was suppressed when the


French government changed in 1973.


The O(3) electrodynamics being advanced by the Alpha Foundation's


Institute for Advanced Study, is capable of handling the theoretical


modeling so that good science is developed and utilized. One must be


able to model and use the fourth Minkowski axis (time-domain) as well


as 3-space, and one must have an electrodynamics that has been


modified by quantum field theory. Simply check Mandl and Shaw,


Quantum Field Theory, Wiley, 1984, Chapter 5 to find that neither the


time-polarized (scalar) photon nor the longitudinal photon (in 3-


space) are individually observable, but the combination is observable


as the instantaneous scalar potential. By also incorporating


Whittaker's 1903 decomposition of the scalar potential, but


correcting his misinterpretation of the phase conjugate wave prior to


interaction as being in 3-space after interaction, one transposes the


macroscopic wave decomposition of the scalar potential properly into


agreement with Mandl and Shaw's exposition and thus with quantum


field theory. This also is now in agreement with particle physics'


solution some decades ago (Nobel Prize awarded to Lee and Yang in


1957) of the broken symmetry of opposite charges, and thus of any


dipole, and thus of the scalar potential between the poles of a




The end result of all that is that all EM energy in 3-space comes


from the time domain anyway, and accompanying every longitudinal EM


wave in 3-space there is a corresponding time-polarized EM wave in


the time domain.


Use of this "longitudinal EM wave in 3-space" also uses the


accompanying "longitudinal EM wave in the time domain (fourth


Minkowski axis ict, where the only variable is the t), whether we


realize it or not (this does not even appear in the standard Maxwell-


Heaviside-Lorentz model). In turn, "pumping" a highly nonlinear


material with LWs in 3-space, also pumps it simultaneously with the


accompanying time-polarized EM waves. Voila! This time-reverses the


mass-energy of the pumped mass itself, because it is a precise


curvature of spacetime where the "curvature energy" is in the time


domain. Hence the 4-space nonobserved masstime is pumped "squeezed"


in the time domain, and the entire mass, its atoms, etc. is time-


reversed back to a previous physical (3-space) condition or state.


This is a dramatic extension of phase conjugate optics, and does not


appear to yet be in the literature, though the basis for it is.


Thus by properly pumping the body, one can time-reverse every cell-


mass-energy in the entire body, back to a previous physical state --


genetics and all. You can see what this would do for AIDS, e.g. With


proper development, one could rid the world of the suffering and


dying from most infectious diseases, etc. You can also see how


diabolical this appears to the large pharmaceutical companies. It


would not replace them, but it would dramatically reduce


their "territory" and their great world monopoly on the health




That was the mechanism Priore unwittingly used. It works, as proved


by thousands of experiments performed by eminent French scientists


working with Priore, and the results are in the refereed scientific


literature. But no one could figure out the mechanism. It took, in


fact, some 14 years for me to "break" it. We found a way to change


that methodology, to remarkably advance it so that the treatment time


was only about 2 minutes (in an emergency case). The new approach can


also be made very portable, and laptop computer controlled.


This meant that now we had the gist of a medical approach which could


quickly (2-3 years) be developed in a Manhattan style project, and it


would be ready and available to treat those mass casualties from


terrorist attacks on our cities, and save the majority of those


millions of Americans that are going to die otherwise. So it could


also treat a biological warfare strike where there was no known


effective antibiotic or vaccine available. It could treat a patient


already in advanced stages, and reverse the disease very quickly and


cure the patient. It would, in fact, produce a revolution in medical




So in 1998, we strongly urged/proposed that the U.S. government enter


a crash development program to develop small devices, about the size


of a large suitcase, laptop computer controlled, doing the above. Two


to three years, $50 to $100 million or so would be required, together


with some support from the national medical labs to conduct the lab


animal experiments. A 200+ page package was sent to the DoD, USAF,


NIH, CDC, and several others. No one was interested. At NIH, I never


got out of their "policy" section (translation: spin control). Etc.


The National Academy of Sciences and the National Science Foundation


are not interested.


The organized U.S. scientific community is not interested.


The AMA viciously -- and I do mean viciously -- opposes any


scientific development or research in applying higher group symmetry


electrodynamics. These fellows do not even know what the healing


mechanism of the body is; but focus on the immune system


and "killing" something, or surgical intervention, etc. They have no


knowledge of higher symmetry EM anyway, but at best use the more than


a century old and seriously flawed Maxwell-Heaviside-Lorentz theory,


which cannot even model the body's own electrodynamics used in its


cellular regenerative system.


Not a single scientist called me to discuss the science involved. No


one checked the cited references in the French scientific literature


where the reports of the experimental results were reported. No one




Had they moved, we would have those treatment machines rolling off


the mass production lines now. The first generation systems would be


able to save perhaps 70% of those coming mass casualties from anthrax


etc. Sadly, that was not to be.


There was no sense of urgency, no interest, and apparently no


qualified (and electrical engineers are NOT qualified to examine


something requiring higher group symmetry electrodynamics) scientists


even examined it.


We are trying once again to get this done. I filed an invention


disclosure (several) back there, and am in process of filing a formal


patent application. Why patent? It seems to be the only way we can


possibly have any chance of raising the necessary funds to proceed,


since we must go to the private sector.


The approach, however, is so diametrically opposed to the huge


pharmaceutical industry that essentially they will do whatever is


necessary to stop any development along these lines. One of their


favorite tricks (skullduggery) is very clever entrapment. This is


often attempted by stimulating unwitting folks dying of one disease


or another, to contact an "unliked" researcher they wish to destroy.


These honest and suffering Americans pitifully explain their terrible


condition (their immune system may have been destroyed by


chemotherapy or some such, etc., and they've already been sent home


to die), and beg for advice for a last desperate trial treatment from


one of the many "EM-poppers" out there today that are being touted


and sold by many non-medical folks, and not legally approved for


medical treatment at all.


It is a heart-rending thing. The real purpose is to prey on one's


personal sympathy and concern for a truly sick person, in very bad


shape, and advise them to try one or the other of such machines. The


individual already has been contacted by another technician-type


(himself secretly given immunity from prosecution) who has offered to


quickly build one of those other gadgets (such as the Lahovsky


multiwave oscillator, which has no legitimate scientific test


studies, etc. in refereed journals), and treat the patient who will


inevitably die. Then the authorities (themselves being used as pawns


in this entrapment game) nail the researcher for "accessory to murder


or to manslaughter". If he falls for it and advises that such would


be the thing to try, they've got him cold. The machine will be built


in 3 days, the unfortunate dying person treated with it, the person


will die, and the researcher is arrested on charges of accessory to


murder 2 or manslaughter.


So the unwary legitimate researcher, not himself treating anyone, can


find himself behind bars for the next 20 years.


For most of the last decade, I've grown very tired of such efforts


continually directed at yours truly (they are also directed against


many other researchers). Perhaps some 30 of them, all stemming from


the same source trying a sophisticated entrapment operation to get


one placed in prison.


I have a very legalistic document/statement I send such poor folks


making such inquiries, pointing out that I am a researcher only, not


a physician, and I do not and cannot give medical treatment advice to


anyone, on advice of my attorney, nor can I practice medicine without


a license. I do advocate legitimate and legal scientific research in


new areas, but then I also advocate prior proper legal testing of any


processes developed, under proper scientific protocols, and if the


testing is successful, followed by legal and formal approval for


proper medical personnel to use it in medical treatment.


We are trying once again to get the proper financing and effort going


to develop that device, whose mechanism actually time-reverses the


mass energy of all the cells in the body, and all the dynamics of


that mass-energy, back to a previous disease-free physical state.


But it is very sad. The medical profession doesn't seem to realize


that "medical magic" can indeed be worked with and upon mass by


advanced physics, and that modern electrodynamics is far beyond what


they insist on using (Maxwell-Heaviside-Lorentz standard


theory). 'The report you just sent me -- Reuters release, Sept. 26,


2001 -- deals with successful experiments by physicists in Denmark


who have demonstrated direct interaction of macroscopic masses at a


distance, portending mass teleportation. This has actually been in


quantum mechanics for decades; and as the article points out,


Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance."


I will tell you something else, but will not discuss it further. Two


groups (at least one is a foreign nation, I am not sure of the other)


have highly developed that effect in great secrecy, and can already


use it as a weapon. Enough said on that subject.


So we will try again. There is now a new Theater of Operations for


the American Government and Armed Forces, and it is the North


American Theater itself. We are now the targets. The terrorists (some


thousands) have already been inserted in our midst, along with the


weapons including weapons of mass destruction. There are going to be


more strikes against our cities and our populace, and probably


including chemical and biological warfare (BW) strikes. The OTA study


for the Congress a few years back, shows the kind of casualties that


can be inflicted by BW attack. A single attack on Washington D.C.,


e.g., in a single light-plane anthrax spray scenario, will produce


from 1 to 3 million casualties. And the city would be horribly


contaminated as well, for an indefinite number of decades. That is


the harsh reality we are facing. There are also nuclear weapons


already hidden in our cities.


In short, this war is going to be long, difficult, and much of it is


going to be fought right here in the United States, in Canada, and in


Mexico. It is going to be different from any other war we have


fought. And it may kill more Americans than all the wars in our


history, put together.


You can see why an old dog like me, suffering hypoxia and still


trying to recover, is so determined to proceed with an attempt to get


this new kind of medical treatment ready and available. We must now


wait until those millions of Americans are already dying in the


streets. This nation is woefully unprepared for this kind of warfare.


We have known of the threat for two decades, and also known it was


increasing. But we have not taken the steps -- particularly in


developing radical new treatment methodologies for those millions of


Americans who heartrendingly are going to die right in the streets.


Check the National Science Foundation website and the National


Academy of Sciences website. See if you find anything of any


importance addressing this area. You will not find it. They are


apparently not interested, as determined by what material they


already show you is in their planning.


I personally do not believe that the U.S. government, due to the


reluctance of the Medical Science community, NSF, and NAS, will fund


or even consider such a program, regardless of how many lives it


would save. It doesn't match the present established scientific


dogma, and it doesn't enrich (but seriously threatens in the future)


the large pharmaceutical industry.


So we will joust with the great windmills one more time, and give it


our best shot, even though we are almost certain to fail. The moral


imperative is so great than we simply cannot let it lie and walk away


from it, so long as there is any chance at all.






The soft-minded man always fears change. He feels security in the


status quo, and he has an almost morbid fear of the new. For him, the


greatest pain is the pain of a new idea.


(Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)






<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">"Everything you know,...is Wrong!


soon we shall all discover the truth."





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A few points:


- Any particle's antiparticle can be viewed as a time-axis-flipped version of the original particle. If time reversal was actually achieved, why did the time-reversed matter not annihilate with the surrounding tissue in a massive-yield explosion?


- The gist of this is just shooting light at the tissue, right? I mean, "longitudinal EM waves" is just a fancy way of saying plain old light, or other EM radiation.


- How would this help cure AIDS? surely the AIDS viruses would simply revert to a previous state, but remain in the body - if they were to move, nothing in principle is to stop the tissue moving as well, with disastrous effects.


- AFAIK, no one has shown a way to feasably produce teleportation on a macroscopic scale. If this guy knows how, he should publish and become famous!



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Time02112: Lord have I missed your mind--Time--you ole rattle snake! Ah yesss the trilateralists are hard at work batting down anything that may unbalance the status quo. The car that ran on water instead of gasoline was purchased and destroyed by the oil companys. The washing machine that worked better then any other using air forced through water, (no detergent) was grabbed by the detergent companys and destroyed. I guarantee that when the first fully functioning nanabot that can perform surgury from inside and clear blocked arteries while the patient is playing a game of tennis, the AMA will buy the rights and it will dissappear forever. As usual, the technical aspect of what you describe has left me in the dust but the concept must be similar in reaction to incidents I have read about involving large groups praying for a terminal patient and total reversal of illness results. Such incidents are rare but are documented. Somehow the dynamics must be related. Very few people actually understand the reality of how this planet works. Money. Banking. Finance. That's all there is. If the greatest discovery throws the financial system off, it's history. Sad but true. Cures are discarded. There's trillions of dollars at stake and we are expendable. What you speak of Time may work but if it goes against the health care industry it will dissappear like tears in the rain.



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