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(Suite of letter no.1)


Now that we have learn that the universe can be multi dimensional AND multi densitional , we have to found a way to find the junction blocks of each "section" :


well if we put it in graphics : imagine an infinite loop (an 8 on the side) .We will use that shape since time is NOT linear , and have no begining and no end (sorry for the adepts of Doomsday!).


Now rotate on the same axis this section , on 360* (360 section) , Now we obtain a doughtnut shape ( lets call it NUCLEUS ) .


this Nucleus will be mark as 1 and divided in this matter : 1.1 , 1.2....1.360 .


Now creat 2 other nucleus using Y ,X, Z axis , so we have nucleus 1 , 2 ,and 3 .


the result of the superposition of the 3 nucleus will be called , " Primeral shape" . ( he he he ! brains start to fume !)


Now Triangulate all the correponding points : 1.1+2.1+3.1 .......1.360+2.360+3.360 .


Each of those resuting point are "junction blocks" , a way to permit to different value to coexist side by side , and also serve as a ciment in each section ,nucleus, primeral ,jonction , helping to see it as an whole .


Now you obtain a "universe" without begining and without ends , without any form of restriction ( time , matter , dimension ,density etc etc !)


Now that we have a possible Clue on what we are trying to navigate into , it is a little bit more easy to find a way to "jump" from junction blocks to junction blocks , Or if you wish to call it "Time travel"





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