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I have taken an interest in many of the theories discussed on this page. I am currently writing a novel in which one of the characters contemplates the validity of time travel. Is there anyone who would object to me using excerpts from this page in this novel? Please post message or respond asap. Thanks





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copyrighted !


if you use my material , you must inform me BEFORE and maybe after seeing your work a little , maybe i will let you use some of my theories only if you mention me in the book.



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well i certainly can use a guy like you..


As soon a get adult , i will most definitly need someone to clean the floors .With the I.Q you shown by your rat lab intelligence level remarks, your look like having a brilliant carreer as a janitor .


If you dont like the fact that people wants to protect they`re work or ideas , well too bad for you , you will be a victim all your life !


Now be a good lad , and clean yourself out of this board .



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