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The turtle and the fly


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Have you ever taught that all being see maybe, a different nomber of 'frame/seconds'?


Take a turtle, this animal move so slowly, react slowly, but live more than 100 years.


Compare to a fly, is fast enough to be faster than us (most of the time), this animal can last more than a year, but many species survive only one season.


My point is that time is occuring in our brain. You see it fast, or you feel it slow, always to compare to something else. 'Mokrie dela' have mention something close to that point(previous topic: how long is now?)mentioning that when you want to go to the bathroom you feel that time is much so long (a minute waiting in vain can seems to be 10 minutes).


Maybe somebody have more notion than me in biology and can explain this in a better way (about animals and timeframe).


To the point: If one day I become 'only-spirit', I'll don't have my physical brain and will have power over time-scale, positive and negative.



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Sure, the "speed you see", the speed you live. Remember this movie, I don't remember the title, it's about a family landing on a planet and looking for spaceship battery... there's a small creature looking like Alphy, he goes very fast so fast that you just see a kind of motion blur behind him. I figured that this kind of animal have to see more image/seconde to goes that fast. In that way, humans look like turtles for him.


Maybe there is a link between time, perception and time-frame. ?!



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Yeah, if it have something to do with time travel it's more close to para-psychologie-physiology, and there's probably no uses to get from it. Except that if we get free as a soul after we die, then if time is based on the physical brain there's no time anymore...



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