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Thank You Mr. TESLA!


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This thread shall be a personal contribution for everyone to post anything they can dig up that is, or "should have been" accredited to Honour Mr. Nicola Tesla.


In Honour & Memorial Of Nicola Tesla...


*Tesla created the zero-time generator in the 1920's. It provided a very basic time reference which is actually locked to the center of our galaxy. That's why they call it a zero time generator. Locking equipment to that is the only way you can get some of these higher function generators to work.



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"Something for everyone"...here are some additional Links that may give you all some clearer points of referrence on this subject.






*Tesla Technology, Today: International Turbine And Power, LLC & Global Power Alliance, LLC


*The "ITP - GPA, Thermodynamic Transformer, Tesla-Type Engine"


*The Tesla, Bladeless Boundary Disk Turbine.


*Who was NIKOLA TESLA, and what were his greatest inventions?




*"My Inventions" - Nikola Tesla's Autobiography.


*Tesla Tunguska; Free Energy:


*Tesla: The Greatest "Hacker" Of All Time?


*Tesla's "Black Box"


*Tesla Information, and Books.


*Vortex Theory: Water Power.


*Who was Viktor Schauberger ? The "Water Wizard": Parts 1 & 2


*More Nikola Tesla LINKS...


Re: Tesla Death Ray http://www.sightings.com/general10/deathray.htm


Online Tesla Library http://www.lucidcafe.com/library/96jul/teslaautobio.html


"Zero Time Reference Generator" http://www.crystalinks.com/montauk1.html


This pretty much covers a very large bulk of TESLA related information, however if anyone else has something to add, or comment on, Please, by all means "Do So!"


there is much more to understand about the magnitude of Great works that this most exceptional, unusual & remarkeable Genius attempted to contribute to our world before he was burried by social & economic political pressures, that seem to continue to supress the reality of his work, unto our present World-Line of today.



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Guest Guest

(this time I'm gonna mention just one time the following word): GUYS!!!! This is interesting "the more we have to share the more we understand" (in hopes of survival) now where were we?....uh, sorry for or "if" my "intrusion" (no-is) appreciated or not depends on time. "NOW" can anyone tell me who was Tesla? I'm ready and when I mention ready I really mean it IF you understand. "ready for a dictionary" And another thing (important please) I heard before about "water energy" BUT not wizard. Please reply? I'm not joking



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"NOW" can anyone tell me who was Tesla? I'm ready and when I mention ready I really mean it IF you understand.


---Celebi Time Traveller


C'mon Celebi,


if you really took the "Time" to review the information I provided here, you of all people should not be asking this question!



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Here's another...




<html> <body bgcolor="#000000" text="#ffffff" link="#ffff00" vlink="#00cc00"> <a href="http://ETtracker.tripod.com"> <font color="FFFFFF" size="-1">


'Time is on your side!'


spacer.png</a> <a href="http://ETtracker.tripod.com">


Visit my associate's website</font></a>


<font size="-1"><clock></clock></font> </BODY> </HTML>



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