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has any one had an experiance...


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Hello everyone I am new to this forum also new to the world wide web. I just recently got connected and one of the things i told my self to do was look up asite like this one. well heres my story. please forgive my spelling and typing. I will try to make it short as possible without leaving out to much detail.


When I was 15 I was living with my sister in avery small apartment. I had already lived there 2 months when i began to hear noises in the mornings after my sister and b-inlaw would go to work. around 8-9 in the morning.


footsteps,bangs,and talking. Ifigured the whole incident lasted 3 or 4 days. The last day was the wierd one. I overslept that day.


I remember hearing my sister and b-inlaw leave for work but i stillstayedin bed. Istarted to be wakened by the noises. Imoved in my bed to look at theliving room window because I had heard a gong like noise. I thought something had fallen. I saw a man with what looked like red and black armor suit with ahelmet with 4 horns. black eyes or black pits. covered in plates of armour head to toe. I started to reach for a baseballbat I kept near the bed when it lunged at me and pinned me down and spoke in my ear. I couldnt make out what it was trying to say it sounded distorted or like echoes. It released me and went toward the living room window were it began to dissapere in the morning sunlight. I was terrified I told no one and I left my sisters to live with my dad. over time i dismissed the whole thing as adream and forgot about it.


This should be in a paranormal forum. But it has nothing to do with ghosts or demons.


I am 29 now and when I was ateenager I was your typical hispanic gangbanger theif,etc.


When I got to be around 23 and got my life ontrack with agood job and stuff that I started to piece some things together. When my dad died when I was 20 I got his collection of things includeing some daggers. There was one single edge one that was my favorite. My friend who works at a metal shop made me a matching sword. All I needed was some shaeaths so could hang them on the wall. I had them made at a local leather shop. They loked bland so I colored them with black and red markers. Then it hit me. I liked black and red way back when I was 12 they were my colors. Even now my clothes and gymshoes have some black and red on them. well long story short I belive the thing i saw was me from the future.


This is my theory,somehow i make or find a crude time travel machine. Not a very good one it can only aloww bursts of tarvel into the past an hour at a time. The armor would be to protect you from the stresses of taveling. the red and black would be so i could recognize it and the 4 horns because 4 is one of my favorite numbers. and a helmet without horns would seem drab to me. The more I think about it i began to feel deep inside of me that the thing seemed familiar.


also it would be stupid like me. Because it overlooked one detail. sound would be distorted going through a temporal field. Thats why I couldnt make out what it was trying to say. so I basicaly did all this for nothing . also I belive the crude time machine would be fatal. the stresses would eventually kill you . So what was so important to tell me that I died in a atempt


to get amessage throug? Or is this just my imagination trying to make sence of something I cant understand. should I forget about it once again and go on with my life.


has any one experienced any thing like this?



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If you didn't want my guess you wouldn't be asking so here goes:


Time travel and ghosts of all kinds both travel or "tune" on the same "channel". The paranormal chanel. So, yes one can mistake one for the other. You are trying too hard to come up with some explaination for what at the start is mostly unexplainable.


You need more background information to get on the right track. The public library is free and loaded with what ever you need to know. Try the section around shelf #133.



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Your right I think I am trying to hard. I should just let it go. even if it was afuture me I sure did fail warning me. which proves that time cannot be changed. also another mistake i would of made. Unless the future is so awful that I had nothing to lose. Right now Im more interested in trying to make a new form bio-energy than time travel. but it keeps buging me. I was hoping to find other people who had timevisitor problems to see if theres some connection here. because you cant have more than a couple of timedevices on at the same time.


so if there were more people like this our stories would ether be similar or totally diffrent thus making mine a wild hallucination. kinda like what they did with ufo abductees. either way thanks for the help.



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also I forgot to mention to any scientits with equipment to measure whatever,that the adress is 4236 n sheridan in chicago. also my sister remained friends with the land lady there for some years before she was killed in aburglary attempt and told her a story about a haitian who lived in the apartment above the one i lived in and felt so uneasy because of downstairs that he messed up his apartment with voodoo symbals


to ward off evil spirits. I belive the effects of a time portal would stay open or leave temporal residue in the area for quite some time so any instuments should detect something even if your like a mile away or so. personally I wont go near there since the land lady died in 93. Very bad neigborhood.



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