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How to Make Predictions

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I am no expert, but I would like other users to try this.

What I do is I sit in total silence with no distractions.  The dark is best, but you can cover your eyes.  Try to clear your head and not think of anything.  Random images and scenes should start going through your head.  Write some of them down and then do it again.

I feel much of this involves seeing the future.   It can be biased --- it's hard to turn off the noise and influence of current events, but those will be obvious.  I am going to try to do this more often here.  It will look like nonsense.  Some may not ever come true.  But, it is fun trying.

In the past, I predicted Michael Jackson's death and the west coast fires, but I lost he posts online and cannot prove it.

If anyone would like to try this, please do so and post your predictions.  I recommend being very serious and sincere when you do it.




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My prediction. In 20 years, there will be a network of filling stations for satellites and rockets in orbit. The whole world will be covered by a global satellite Internet with a stable connection. It will be prohibited to launch into space equipment that cannot be reused, refueled or safely returned to the atmosphere. All purchases will be made without leaving your home. Delivery will be carried out using drones. Not a single global problem will be resolved.

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