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I’m a time traveller from the year 1990

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It’s amazing what you have in the world here today, although it seems a fair bit smaller than 1990, perfecting my time travel method has been a long and strenuous journey, it’s taken me 30 years to get here but it was worth the journey, except this coronavirus pandemic, what’s that all about and how did it put the world down so quickly?

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No offense intended, but we are very aware of people that try to gain fame by mimicking the Titor story.  That being said, I will ask my usual questions that are born out of pure curiosity. 

Describe your time travel device. 
How does time travel work scientifically?
Why are you posting on a public forum?
Are you concerned about changing the timeline while posting?

The Plan-Demic is 100% political. 

@Einstein has a request for you. 

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