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How to time travel with a computer


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Where do I begin? My journey started many years ago when I was programming. I wrote code to generate messages and store them on my computer hard drive as text messages. Then the next day I sent myself a message by email not knowing if or not I had the same message on my hard drive. Then I searched my hard drive for the same text message created the day before. To my amazement I found the same message created by my computer the day before I sent it.


You see space-time is forever creating matter so the universe goes on forever. With that said there is a informational universe that is invisible to us. It holds all the information that has ever existed past present and future. This information can be downloaded from space-time by way of a computer.


Computer files are a list of numbers that the computer reads and turns these numbers into pictures, audio files, and other files. 


So all one needs to have access to every computer file in the universe is software that can take a list of random numbers and put these numbers into every possible combination and write them as a computer file. Then use search bots to examine each file and delete the bad files but keep the good files. Thus using cryptography to search and explore space-time. 


Also if A in the past and B in the future know the check sum range of their messages to each other it is possible for A in the past to search for B,s message from the future thus creating temporal communication. 



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