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Human Global Warming Narrative Debunked


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Let's debunk the hoax that humans are causing the entire planet to heat up. My statements are not conclusive, so please add to this.


Also, I am not denying that Earth is warming. I am debating the cause.


Humans only occupy 10% of the planet, yet people feel we have the ability to change the temp of a huge planet


Climate changes every 100,000 years, so the earth is warming up all by herself. In fact, we are still in the last ice age, hence the warming. It is ending.


Climate change is partially the result of Earth's orbit




Other causes of Earth's warming:




Ozone Layer - it repaired itself




We cannot change the natural course of the earth. If Bill Gates' idea of causing a dust cloud was implemented, he could kill off many species of plants and animals. Don't play God with mother Earth.


As you see, this makes us VERY MUCH INTO SCIENCE. IMHO, the people that claim we're going to die in 12 years have not done an ounce of studying. Humans need to adapt. That's how we survive. Evolution will take care of it as well as our "science" and technology -- air conditioning, etc.



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I came across some information on CO2 emissions that totally debunks the political narrative that mankind is the cause of the steadily increasing amount of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. Just one wildfire burning out of control releases more CO2 than all the cars in the US for an entire year. There are thousands of wildfires that burn out of control all across the planet every year. So the CO2 emitted by cars is insignificant. Not even making a dent in the amount pouring into the atmosphere. It's just a natural part of the dynamics of the earth. You might say we are the ones causing the wildfires. I disagree because of the natural causes that start the wildfires. Static electricity occurs naturally in very low humidity. A deer running through the forest can cause sparking as its fur rubs against the brush. Lightning causes wildfires. And in a low humidity and high windy conditions, tree branches rubbing together through friction can produce embers causing wildfires. Of course our political leaders would have you believe that all the wildfires are started by man. Probably some are. But natural causes would be the dominant factor.


It would really help if these politicians were educated so they could understand the whole picture. The narrative that CO2 being a greenhouse gas is going to cause catastrophic heating of the atmosphere is pure bullshit. There is no greenhouse surrounding the earth. That one fact debunks the whole CO2 narrative.



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