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Time travel

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Time travel is not possible, at least not in a way that you can alter your past.


Let us assign the present as timeline_A, now, assuming you successfully travelled back to prevent your parents from meeting. An alternate time line takes place, call it timeline_B.


It goes without saying, that you come from timeline_A, atoms, molecules and all(successful time travel, remember?). Any scientist will tell you matter cannot be created nor destroyed, so where would you have gotten the atoms and molecules that make you up to exist in timeline_B if somehow you altered the timeline and prevented timeline_A from taking place?


Multi-dimensions? Anything to defend relativity, I guess!


Remember, people believed the greek astronomers for many centuries before they were proven wrong.


Speaking of relativity. Scientist used to think you couldn't get colder water than freezing. It is now possible to have liquid water below the freezing point. So why not travel faster than the speed of light!





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