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You Tube Channel: Gators or Nature?


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I am considering creating another You Tube channel, even though mine have failed in the past.


I have videos of young gators doing things like eating fish. I also have many nature experiences to record on my property, including deer sightings. What would be more popular, a Florida Gator channel or a general nature channel? Or is YouTube already saturated and I am setting myself up for failure? I still want to monetize, but they will only allow you to make money if you have 1000 followers, I believe.


Do people care about gators eating fish whole, or are we in a doom and gloom society where only shocking videos get watched?


Frustration example:


Someone posted a video of a cat eating pot roast for 15 minutes -- 1 million views.


I post a video of my cat doing actual somersaults, front and back, and I have about 200 views.


So, would the same thing happen to my gators? Should I even bother?


Honest opinions, please. I won't be hurt. Promise. LOL



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Is it possible to affix a GoPro camera to a gator & see what it does all day?


Can call it "Gatorvision"


I don't think there's a ton of Florida Gator content on YouTube, or at least none that come to mind. Gaining 1,000 followers wouldn't be a significant challenge if you also engage in a little marketing. You'd need to post on social media & also probably want to do that standard " If you enjoyed the video and want to see more be sure to smash that like button, subscribe, and leave a comment below!"



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