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What is the speed of space?

Travis Tremlee

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Wormholes seem more like a quantum phenomena and macroscopic wormholes might be related to spinning black holes. Time dilation due to the intense gravity of black holes causes time to slow down and light to be extremely redshifted. The light cannot escape the event horizon of the black hole so its path becomes a circular... But the late Stephen Hawking described how particles can escape black holes through Hawking radiation which seems to describe something like quantum tunneling for the escapee particles and thus black holes also radiate. The smaller they are, the more they radiate. I suspect that wormholes can be described as a kind of macroscopic quantum tunneling ...hypothetically speaking...


The opening of a wormhole would resemble a sphere.




Still, the feeling of gravity from the black hole is communicated to observers outside the event horizon. The communication "escapes" the black hole it seems. I recall reading that there is no limit to how fast space-time itself can be stretched or contracted. That does raise the question about gravitons though. I have read science discussions online explaining that the reason communication for the feeling of gravity is felt outside of the black hole is that gravity is a geometric property of spacetime.


Communication across space cannot be faster than c, the speed of light. That is to say, communication in an inertial reference frame cannot be faster than the speed of light. But warp drive can hypothetically propel a spacecraft at multiples of c greater than 1.


They explain that gravitational waves – and thus gravitons, cannot travel faster than the speed of light either, so I am not completely sure about warp drive...


A wormhole takes a shortcut through hyperspace and I imagine the rules of hyperspace are different from the rules of our normal spacetime within this universe.



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Speed = distance over time


You are assuming space is a ball. To know distance, we'd need to know the origin.


Opening a wormhole - it is open on one end. Need a torus on both sides.


Communication - send data through wormholes.

The universe is expanding faster than the speed of light but it isn't a speed in a way that special relativity is concerned with.



I don't know what you mean when you say that I am assuming space is a ball. A hole in two dimensions becomes a sphere in three dimensions. Thus a wormhole is a sphere in three dimensions and a 4 dimensional tube in four dimensions.


So our time machine is surrounded by a event horizon sphere/bubble.


Wormhole science is still in a primitive stage at this time. Time travelers from the future appear reluctant to give us the necessary information on constructing our own time machine though... :unsure:



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