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Will the U.S. be attacked soon?


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Lockdown? Martial Law (in some states already)? Curfews? Emergency alerts?


FOR A VIRUS???????


The virus may or may not be real, but I honestly think a country like Iran, China, or NK has THREATENED the United States and an attack is

imminent. They use the cover of the virus to keep us safe and not panic.


I GOT A COUNTY EMERGENCY ALERT ON MY PHONE yesterday. For. A. VIRUS. They were TESTING IT, I am guessing!


You guys, this is NOT normal for a flippin' virus. I think another country is going to ATTACK...


Red cross ships in the ocean? Really?


Trump also just passed the DEFENSE PRODUCTION ACT:


The Defense Production Act (DPA) is the primary source of Presidential authorities to expedite and expand the supply of resources from the U.S. industrial base to support military, energy, space, and homeland security programs.


For a virus?


Schools here are closed until April 15..... over a virus that is no worse than the flu.




The defcon level is low, but again, they don't want panic and they don't want the enemy to know we are on to them.


Defcon posted this: Why Iran’s Ballistic Missiles Matter – The DEFCON Warning System


So, what is going to happen on March 31? You know, the American "15 day" campaign. Is this a countdown?


Perhaps WE are going to attack another country.


None of this is normal. It's way to bizarre. I'm afraid WAR IS NEAR, folks.


Raytheon completes 1st round of testing for new Lower Tier Air & Missile Defense radar


Nobody on Twitter will listen to me. I have a 24k account that is a total ghost town, so I decided I'm better off on the forums.

Please read and consider this because SOMETHING is going on.


Note: I posted this on Paranormalis, also, as I feel it is important to be aware!

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I posted this on Paranormalis, but here's a couple interesting things I stumbled upon last night:



If that data is accurate, why are we shutting down our economy and risking 20% unemployment? The response is disproportionate to the problem... It doesn't make sense.




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Like what? The blood and all the talk above?

Just in general. Singularly, none of this stuff means much. Together, it looks strange and nonsensical.



Look at the numbers here. If accurate, why is this worth shutting down the entire economy? People are being absolutely ruined by this. We already went through a recession in 2008 that screwed millions of people; now that people are finally climbing out of that hole we're shoved back in because of a bad flu?


Businesses are closing. Life savings being wiped out. For what? So the boomers don't catch the flu? Our generation is getting curb stomped back into corporate servitude every 10 years it seems.

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I believe these numbers are skewed. Octogenarians in Italy with up to three pre-existing conditions who got this and died are being counted as part of this mortality rate. A mother who gave birth with complications, then got the virus and died was also counted.


Mortality rate in under 60 year olds remains around 1.3%.Not saying it's "fine", but I am really beginning to detest how the media is covering this shit. Summer of the shark all over again.



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Heard that was bogus. And why ask Congress for that ability when it's most of Congress that needs arresting?

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" While my book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is entirely a work of imagination, my conviction is that all I said in it will come to pass. " ~ Jules Verne

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That which seems to be forgotten about relative to any attacks by a foreign country against the continental U.S. , are these.............




" While my book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is entirely a work of imagination, my conviction is that all I said in it will come to pass. " ~ Jules Verne

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via 4ch:

Jan 28, 2020, Arrest of Charles M. Lieber, the chair of Harvard’s department of chemistry and chemical biology


>Dr. Lieber was one of three scientists to be charged with crimes on Tuesday.

>Zaosong Zheng, a Harvard-affiliated cancer researcher was caught leaving the country with 21 vials of cells stolen from a laboratory at Beth

Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, according to the authorities.



Bill Gates and Charles M Lieber back in 2003




Chalres M Lieber, working on nano batteries at the size of viruses, arrested while smuggling vials to Wuhan


Here is some research he helped with that they inject a mesh to a mouse's eye and use it to record in data what the mouse is seeing.

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