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is the hill house hunted in scotland


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ok here goes


as you all know that Scotland is a very hunted place right there is a mackintosh building where i live with my family of course so guess what happnes next

youll love this


as you all know from my previous ghosting on here about the ghosts or spirts demons or what ever you would like too call them

i was talking too the maid or madin not too sure which one yet most likely the maid of the house

but i was talking too her about something called the music box in the paino room which is known as the living room in the hill house there

she also said that there are lots of old penny's behind a painting on the wall of the guy who owned the house what i mean like a button behind the painting of the guy right im not to sure if shes telling the truth as my boyfriend lied too me a couple of times which im nor too hapy with him but anyways

so if there is some treasurer im grabbing that she said it was one pennys half pennys that she said and keept a


and see if she was telling the truth i would be the richest boy in the town where i live lol

heres the picture of the hill house in Scotland


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