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someone said i was harassing them on twitter over a show[2017-2019]


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hello there can someone plz tell me what i have done wrong here


there was this girl who i didnt like me from the freefonix cartoon fandom (its is a cartoon which fans garter on the internet and talk about it online)


i knew starghit away that she was a load of crap to be honest and i didnt really like her much to begin with in the first place


so here is what happend i was talking to her though her page or wall on twitter because i was asking her so nicely in the most polite possibly way ever for me only to see if she is going to upload the English episode of the freefonix cartoon right she said NO because she was a bad apple and i phoned up the company behind the animation too find out what was going on with the dvds or episodes so they said there where going to be all dvds made up but only like five out of seven were done so the answer was simple she was also a compulsive lira too on twitter becuase she said that she had all dvds too rip and im like pfffft yeah right if you did have those dvds she would of fing posted them up to her youtube channel which of course is now deleted every freefonix thing she ever posted


so the answer is simple for me just dont talk to anyone just music producers n stuff


and too be honst i get picked on by the fandom aswell but i dont actually really dont care to be hostess and no i got every singel epiosde of the bleeding cartoon and evryone is really thanking me on the youtube


and heres my messaged on twiiter aslo you cant actually send anyone a message on twiiter without following them





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Just block them.


People on Twitter are very vicious. They are keyboard warriors who say more online than they would to your face.


Block and be done with it forever. I have 10,000 insane people blocked.


Then, take a twitter break if you need to. Do not let social media cause anxiety. It's not worth it. Step back for a while.



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