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What are some GOOD shows?


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Doctor Who before it went political recently.


Ray Donovan (just canceled)


Walking Dead


Better Call Saul (I agree with Cosmo!)




Game of Thrones was epic


Tacoma FD (same writer as Super Troopers and some of the actors are in it)


Inkmaster - totally love it



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RIP Doctor Who. You were something special. Now it's.. meh. I like to pretend the Valeyard has trapped the 6th Doctor in a dream where he's imagined his 7th to present regenerations (even though I did enjoy 10,11 and 12). Can't imagine how they'll course correct after all this Timeless Child retcon.

I've never seen the female Doctor...I stopped watching after a few episodes of Capaldi. Just wasn't the same sort of fun. Did he eventually make it his own?



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Netflix had Midsomer Murders on for awhile. Took a liking to DCI Thomas Barnaby. His brother is pretty good in the newer series too. Different styles of sleuthing.


Other shows I thought were good :


- Quincy M.E.


- Dead Files


- Psychic Kids


- Lost

thanks bud i defo not seen those ones yet


but when i get a bit of time ill check it out nor really been on my phones at all this weekish



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