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Did John Titor Predict the Corona Virus?


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Whether or not John Titor was a fictional character, you can't help but wonder if the information provided was legit.


Time has linked the song "Trism" to John Titor. I'm not even sure who the original source was at this point, but check out these lyrics.


She has to leave


She has to go


The fastest way


Is by trism


Steps off the curb


Stella Corona hopes for the best


To be home by sunset


Gotta be home by sunset


She asked me to give her a ride


She said she had to go


Dropped her off by the trism


Through the atmosphere by prism


Also, will the Tokyo olympics be canceled?



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Pamela and Titor are still the only ones who know the "secret song" though right?

Yes, as far as I know, but what was the origin of the Trism song and how did it enter the Titor legacy? It just seems a bit odd, unless someone actually knows who first thought of it and why. Didn't Titor mention B52's in one of his posts?



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Parkinson's Dementia --> Prions Spectrum --> Chronic Fatigue Syndrome --> Gut Suppressing Viruses going to the Brain


There is a viral connection to CoronaVirus --> Remdesivir must be ramped up.




Inform the President. Do not say it was from me.

Well, he listened.



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He listened to you about Hydroxychloroquine too and now it's sold out everywhere. Don't worry. There is also Avigan. If you are still sick, consult your doctor about it.

I got that info from a family member, confirmed by YOU. I cannot take credit for it, but communication to Potus worked beautifully. The nice thing is that since nobody would ever believe me, it keeps me safe. Hiding in plain site. He knows this. Sometimes I think it is why I have a shadow ban.



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