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Time travellers and power politics.

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The paranormal beaurocracy that fills the minds of X-Files fans is only the tip of an iceberg that fills the whole of infinity. Say you have government agencies that monitor sightings of U.F.O.'s for security purposes. Within this group there are those who have access and report to higher authorities who have a deeper concern with their findings. Above those are the group that actually plays a part in the flow of visits to our planet and has its fingers in all sorts of power pies, including religion, mind control, secret societies - the activities of occult lodges and renegade spies and freemasons etc. - underground terrorist activities, international drug dealing, conspiracy theories; this group dwells pretty much in the seeming bowells of the pinnacles of mundane power on this planet. This group could be the round table of planet Earth, the gods of what and who goes on.


Time travellers bring a new element into the equation. The further from the future they come, the more power they possess. If you look at all the chaos on the planet it makes you wonder if the guys at the end of ALL time are really bad guys. But time could end pretty soon e.g. if we are visited from the future, time doesn't exist anymore. The end of time may not be the end of the world.


We could possibly enter into one or a combination of scenarios. Will waring factions from different times fight it out in 'space'? Or does the God factor come into it? Things that are meant to happen will happen and things that aren't won't? I have found thinking about these things only serves to confuse the thinker and they find consolation in the thought 'I will be'.



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