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I am a time traveler. Questions will be answered to my abillity


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I have a question and that is how do you transport a copy of windows xp and your self to the year 2054? Also I would like to know how you are able to time travel?



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@TemporalField   Hello, why didn´t you told us about Covid19? regards

On 2/5/2018 at 5:01 AM, Guest Joan Stainback said:

Well we ain't got a reason to lie to you today, what records got stolen? I know some people that could prevent the collapse of buildings and knowledge, just saying, they could also sell you a few buildings to keep nice. Its a lot harder than it seems to prevent depreciation.



"We ain't got a reason.."

"Ain't" used in 2054, and just like any other local illiterate?  No.

His writing style is much too modern and current to be from 2054!

"Just saying...." Is a recent and current phrase which denotes a "rude statement with an "escape clause!" Its "rude and crude and stupid" according to NPR! Highly inappropriate to be written by someone from 2054!

Fraudulent claim with absolute certainty! "Just saying!



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