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You probably wonder why we have yet another message board covering Time Travel. The reason is simple: This message board tries to be a Portal to the other sites out there and there is no such thing yet. We are not trying to compete, because we believe every forum has an audience. We are not making money with this, there will be no ads and the service will be free. We want to offer open discussions on Time Travel in all its aspects.


One of our most important features is our Portal function. We love to highlight other Time Travel sites and our visitors are allowed to highlight the topics on those sites. The links to threads or posts of other forums may encourage people in participating discussions on the other sites which they normally would skip. They are free to discuss it here or on the original sites. The highlighting of the original threads or posts here allows alternative discussions with a different angle or viewpoint. Of course the links also promote the sharing of information. If you are an administrator, moderator or visitor of a Time Travel forum and you want to add it to the Portal then feel free to mail us with a request. In addition to our Science & Technology forum we feature Science Forums, Links and Other Forums & Sites.


Other important ingredients of this message board are the open discussions in the Time Travel section. Members can discuss John Titor, other Time Travellers and Time Machines. You'll also find IRC logs of conversations with Time Travellers.


Our General section offers a forum dedicated to other On-Topic subjects, highly Strange Objects & Subjects, a News forum, site Announcements, a Welcome forum, a Test forum and even an Off-Topic forum.


In order to post on these forums you have to be a member, but in the General section you'll also find a section for unregistered Guests.


Chronovisor Sources


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