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Time travel watch (is that possible?)


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(if there are any Christians here plz dont be offend by this post a little heads up)


my boyfriend who is demon told me a few weeks ago in my dream when i was sleeping told me this 


it was my birthday on 9th June which was now a little while ago and my BF decided to give me a birthday present and guess what it was


it was a time travel watch it was the one like in ladybug cat noir the time braker episode, but it was glowing blue golden colour when he gave me it and silver colour


he said this "when you die you can have it as a gift for being good and not telling your secrets to everyone" but i found out if you die and reincarnate you wont be able to keep it because your in someones body your (mothers) to be honst i seriously wanted to share what do you guys think about my BF's present its pretty cool right i know i should tell cause its such a secret to me but i have to tell you guys since your so epic on here 


(im really soz if i offended people)


p.s if you want this post taken down plz contact the admins thanks in advance 



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I think that's more interesting than a time travel dream. Tell us about your Latin pharaoh demon boyfriend... How did this come about? How do you know you've seen him in human form? Seems like you're leaving out some details.



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Yeah I know I just got a vibe from him in his human form and he looks the same as demon without his tail yeah a tiny bit awkward ?


 for the dream I really don’t know he just gave it to me for my birthday and he said it was a surprise he knows that I like the time travel stuff anyway lol?



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met him 2007 or 2008 or christmas  time  in my home his been with me all my life and it was the best choice i have ever made by my self but


even my mum says that i have seen him all my life when i was younger (7or8) years old she says that theres a golden glow and thats was him


and for his name its zain but i call him zainy boy for his nickname from me lol ???


we got unteritybond with each other ^_^



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