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Time Travel Clues in Media


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When I first started noticing these things, I questioned my own sanity. After all, people say schizophrenics see all kinds of numbers and signs in things that aren't really there. In my own defense, I realized that I DO NOT see these clues in EVERYTHING. I've only caught these clues in a few pieces of media. So, I now feel I am not being too creative or crazy. I will add to the list as I think of more.


My list of media that contains Time Travel clues, including predictions. Please note: Some of these were discovered by other people, so I noted as such so I don't take credit for it. Items discovered by someone else (knowingly) have a * next to them:


Book - Baron Trump's Marvellous Underground Journey by Ingersoll Lockwood*


Book - Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank


Movie - Back to the Future*


Movie - Back to the Future 2


Movie - Demolition Man*


Song - My Own Way by Duran Duran and possibly the entire Rio album


Anime - DragonBallZ*


So, my list is short so far, but feel free to investigate these items! I took extensive notes on BTTF2 and Alas, Babylon.



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