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The Liberation


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Hi Time Travel Institute, I did a school project about John Titor and the Time Travel Institute just awhile back. I hope you will enjoy as much as I did when I was preparing this.


Disclaimer: This is just my perspective, impression and interpretation of the story.


John Titor appeared online in the year 2000. He claimed that he was a soldier from the year 2036. He time traveled back to 1975 to retrieve the IBM 5100 in order to solve the 32 Bit Interger limitation issue that his worldline will face in the year 2038. John Titor then traveled to the year 2000, wanted to retrieve some family portraits but he went on discussing about his trip on IRC #Anomalies, TimeTravelInstitute.com and so on.


Till today, John Titor's name is still being mentioned. His concept of time travel, his time displacement unit and time divergence theory is still being discussed today.


I realized that these people from the forums are still obsessed with him and with time travel.



What if there was an end to this story? A full stop.


A fantasy ending where these obsession will come to an end,


where these people will be liberated from their mental bondage?



What if John Titor came from the future to pick them up from the future?


Wouldn't it be a perfect ending?














Alternate link: The Liberation on Behance



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