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May 2nd, 1978


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well here is something that may give you hope in the possibility and its from my own experience ,i have time travelled in a mental state three times in the past ,its kind of like that move SOMEWHERE IN TIME with Christopher reeves ,not realizing i had travelled three times not realizing it till the third time and it was repeatable ,of course not all at one time ,but #1 ITS A NATURAL PHENOMENON we cannot control when the door way opens or closes ,#2 its opens at only certain times of the day which i estimate it has an affect to deal with the horizon affect ,lets say an estimated 2 to 3 hrs before dark < #3 time dilatation does occur i was gone for at least three to 4 hrs regular time estimated from about 6pm till 9pm ,when you lay down when the sun is going down and you wake up when its dark it seems like your mind is playing tricks on you #4 you cant control when you return ,whne the door closes you come back ,,you can interact with people ,i went back to see my dad before he passed away i was at least able to hug his neck before i died ,but the trip was very much worth it



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