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Topics Limited to 11 Pages?

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Get a Life there, Javier clone!




In case you did not see the first page of this discussion board:


John Titor was here. - November 2, 2000

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Why is anyone keeping it up on top then?





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And I don't see how "Scotty, can you give her any more? Captain, I don't think she can take any more!" refers to ANYTHING on this thread *snip*

It refers to my follow-up post.


He posted in response to a post that I would make.









You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means.


Keep calling people "trolls", and you'll soon find yourself being called "flamebait..."


Back later...





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The pages use to stop at page 11, and anyway that was just an old StarTrek line or one that is similiar as the Enterprise always was in trouble sometimes. If the thread did not take another page, then the post I made would not appear.



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that was before the Software upgrade ...




a few minutes later


and there where still open...




Remember: this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice.

Ãœberm Sternenzelt richtet Gott, wie wir gerichtet.

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