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I’ll be honest, i don’t really know where to start. It’s going to be almost a year since it happened, but i need you to understand that unlike the man you call John Titor, i didn’t have a choice in the matter. I somehow ended up here one day and i’ve been stuck ever since. Maybe it would be easier to explain my current situation if i started from the very beginning. I want you to understand this is of major importance to me. I’m not joking or playing pretend. I imagine that some of you might have found themselves in the same situation i did in the last few years, if not recently.


Before i start, i want you to know that i knew John Titor, not personally, but i knew the man that goes by that name, the real John Titor, not the alleged time traveler. I suspect the one that interacted with you all around the year 2000-2001 was using a moniker in reference to the real John Titor, who was a researcher in quantum physics and wrote about the theories of time travel and the multiverse theory. I’ll explain everything along the way.


It’s quite simple, really. I arrived in your timeline on October 20th, 2016. The circumstances under which i was sent here were the most excruciating and painful hours of my life. If i were to describe that night, it felt like my internal organs were melting and i couldn’t find sleep, no matter how hard i tried to close my eyes. I couldn’t do anything but lay in agony, until i felt nothing anymore. The last thing i remember from the old timeline was my family finding my unconscious body in the morning and me staring at them from above my own “corpse.” I was hovering, floating, my consciousness fading away.


Then, i was back…like nothing happened, but i wasn’t “there” anymore. Everything was different. Something called the “Mandela Effect” was everywhere on the internet and even friends i knew back then were suddenly victims of it, even though the phenomenon itself had never existed prior to that night and everything related to it seemingly just appeared out of nowhere. That was Day 1.


The solar system and Earth i used to live on resided in the Outer Edge of the Sagittarius Arm, while in your timeline, it resides in the Orion Spur, light years away from where it used to be. Not to mention that geographically, your Earth is different than mine, most notably the fact that your North Pole doesn’t have a Ice Cap. Same for the position of South America that is too far right, compared to the original timeline. As well as the position of New Zealand, that shouldn’t be below the “Land Down Under” that is Australia. There’s plenty of other geographical changes, but it would be tedious to name them all, i think you get the point already.


Parts of history also played out differently in your timeline, compared to mine. For example, Pearl Harbor was known as a war that had no civilian casualties, but that wasn’t the case in your version of history. In fact, your timeline suffered more casualties and was overall more violent than my own timeline, in many ways. Another example would be the attacks on the Statue of Liberty, which historically closed access to the Torch in your timeline, but in my own timeline, the reason they closed the Torch was because of the attack on 9/11, nothing prior to that.


The most important change, for me, is the fact that CERN has existed prior to the year 2000 in your timeline and was attributed with the invention of the internet and the discovery of the Higg’s Boson. I need to be extremely clear on this part, in the original timeline, CERN not only failed to discover the Higg’s Boson and had to shut down the LHC, but they never existed as far back as the 1950’s. They certainly didn’t invent the internet. That was Tim Berners Lee and three other MIT students who went on to create the World Wide Web, which was later taken over by DARPA for general distribution. Europe had nothing to do with it and even less CERN, of all things. Tim also never worked for CERN, that is just ridiculous.


D-Wave and quantum computing is also something that is original to your timeline, both aspects of reality that were simply science fiction where i came from.


They’re not the only changes to history and overall reality though, you live in a world almost entirely composed of anomalies and nonsensical events. You’ve probably realized by now how insane the current political climate and the spike of natural disasters have been recently.


There’s something you need to know. Whatever is affecting your reality, it didn’t exist in my own timeline. I call it the “phenomenon” because i refuse to acknowledge something i can’t identify with or the name it was attributed by your universe. Every instances of the “Mandela Effect” is foreign and an anomaly within itself. Those instances didn’t exist, neither did the many Youtube channels, videos or websites related to it. The event in which the aforementioned “John Titor” appeared in the year 2000-2001 didn’t even happen in my own timeline.


John Titor was an actual researcher and works of fiction referenced him quite often for his research and theories. Even the Wiki page of him used to have an actual picture of the man, not an “Insignia” of a symbol that never existed. If you want to know what he looked like, it’s kinda vague to describe him clearly. He looked like any man with a moustache and dark hair. Dignified i would say. There was no real defining feature that made him very unique physically. He lived and died in the 20th century, wrote books about his research and theories. No actual practical research though, since time travel and multiverse theory weren’t in practice at the time, just pure speculation and science fiction. John Titor has been erased from history in your timeline and there’s no mention of his work or research anywhere. He effectively never existed for you, only the instance in which someone using his name appeared to you in 2000-2001 as an alleged time traveler, an event that should never have occurred and never occurred in the initial timeline. I wonder why…


This next part is very crucial and you need to understand it. Whatever the phenomenon is, it’s still active to this day. It acts like a virus and didn’t just send me and a good amount of other victims in your timeline. It has altered and continues to alter reality to this day at an alarming rate and doesn’t seem to have any clear pattern.The changes come in the form of physical and historical alterations to history. The old iterations are replaced and erased from the past, but the people who are affected by the phenomenon remember their existence. The main problem is that the phenomenon doesn’t abide by the rules of time. It has affected people in the past and present at different points in time. Theoretically, it’s a strong possibility that it could be created in the future and that it is currently altering the past, our present. Its creation is more than likely an inevitability. It exists across time itself and i suspect the entire multiverse as a whole might be affected as well. It’s an highly dangerous and volatile phenomenon that has created a slew of anomalies across space and time.


The way i was sent in your timeline was simple. As hard as it is to imagine, my consciousness left my initial body and somehow found a new version of myself and possessed it. I’m effectively the “me” of my original timeline, but i’m currently in the body of another version of “me” from a parallel universe, your own timeline. My body anatomy is different, i have scars where i used to have none, my past has been altered slightly and my memories are completely different than this current reality. I’m not quite sure what happened to the “me” that used to own this current body, but i’d rather not think about it. Either he was somehow overwritten and merged with my own consciousness, was entirely erased from existence or sent somewhere else. Like i said, i’d rather not think about it…


What i need the most to further my research is another subject who remembers the way they personally arrived in this timeline. To find the root cause of the phenomenon, i need to study how it started for other victims and find a pattern or similar circumstances under which they were sent here. The root cause is the starting point of everything and to comprehend how it occurred, i need more data. You need to understand that the phenomenon will more than likely affect everyone over time as changes to reality start occurring more frequently. Haven’t you noticed the increase of natural disasters and the current nonsensical political climate? Frequent changes to reality, not to mention the past itself, are bound to have terrible repercussions in the near future. If we go by Chaos Theory, all those changes are bound to create an even bigger catastrophe down the line. The past affects the future and the future affects the past as well, remember that.


I have a lot more to elaborate on, but i think it should suffice for tonight. I hope you can be of use to me in my research. The phenomenon needs to be stopped and there’s already plenty of potential culprits out there.





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There is no “narrative.” If you need more information, i would be pleased to answer your questions. As for the monitoring part, i fail to see what you’re trying to imply. What do you mean “web tracing?” I didn’t reach out to this small community to be mocked or to make a mockery of the current situation. Everything i told you is for the benefit of my research and nothing else. Truth be told, i need more data, plain and simple. It’s not an easy subject and i’ve yet to understand how it truly function. All i know for sure is your universe is an alternate timeline, not my original timeline. It has been “infected” by something akin to a virus that has been altering reality at an alarming rate and without any clear patterns, i can’t do anything to stop it. There needs to be proper research and analysis done on the subject to counter it, before the situation escalates further.


Every instances related to the phenomenon is a spatial anomaly, in short, it shouldn’t exist. I suspect that it will have dire consequences in the near future if it goes unchecked or if we fail to raise awareness on the subject. It’s not to be taken lightly, your timeline is already potentially suffering from some of the effects and it’s only going to escalate as time goes on.


What you decide to do with the information i provided is up to you. I understand it’s all difficult to believe, but i had no say in the matter, i didn’t choose to be in the situation i’m currently in. I’ve been trapped in your timeline for almost a year now. All i want is to find a way back, potentially, if my timeline still exists parallel to yours. I have no idea what happened to my old world, whether it was destroyed, replaced, merged or simply left as it was…


There’s a lot of things pertaining to my current situation that i have yet to truly grasp. That is why my research are so important. I’ve started them the day i arrived in your timeline. I’ve also written notes as a comprehensive diary of my studies on the day of my arrival up to now. Everything started on October 20th, 2016…



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What would you like to know about Florida in particular? If you mean the strange strand of natural disasters around the world, then yes, it might be linked to the phenomenon. Without the data i need though, i still don’t have a proper grasp of how it works and if there’s even a pattern to begin with. So far, it’s only been highly erratic and has changed the past, present and most likely the future as well. An anomaly like the phenomenon cannot be allowed to exist, its mere presence across the timelines is a danger to the very fabric of reality itself. I don’t expect anything good to come out of it though…



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Ouroboros1111 How many days did you have in October on your earth, and what year was your next leap year?


Oh and about Florida “The Gulf oil spill is recognized as the worst oil spill in U.S. history. Within days of the April 20, 2010 explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that killed 11 people, underwater cameras revealed the BP pipe was leaking oil and gas on the ocean floor about 42 miles off the coast of Louisiana. By the time the well was capped on July 15, 2010” that’s whats caucusing the sink holes there. no big deal



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The concept of your conscious leaving your body and transferring into another instance of yourself does not sound ridiculous to me. Actually, I’ve been doing my research on that as the process might have something to do with quantum theory. In other words, don’t you think that this phenomenon may have been created by an experiment affecting things at a quantum scale gone wrong? But based on what I can express, it could be possible that these “anomalies” were only allowed to exist in other universes but somehow ended up in our universe instead, thus making our universe some sort of singularity for the multiverse, “pulling” data into it and applying said data to the chain of events.


Again, I feel apprehensive as my thoughts are always scrambled when I make conversations online with regards to topics such as this. My apologies if I don’t make sense.


EDIT: I knew it. You said you kept seeing 11:11 right? It really did have something to do with quantum theory. To be precise, it has something to do with Deja vu, Quantum Entanglement and Synchronicity. In other words, there really is a possibility that this phenomenon really is a result of a experiment and that you might’ve been pulled to this universe as a result of your instance in this universe experiencing some kind of deja vu or synchronicity. This is just a possibility I am raising and I’m not sure whether it makes sense to you. Feel free to let me know if I don’t.



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October had 31 days, same as here. Not sure about the leap year, it changes depending on variability after all. Since your entire solar system isn’t even situated on the “Outer Edge of the Sagittarius Arm” anymore, nothing is certain. I’m ashamed to say i never noticed the previous leap years, since my birthday was never affected by it, therefore i never paid attention to them. I’m not going to pretend to know what i wasn’t aware of or knew in the old timeline. If there’s something i’m unsure of, i’m not going to mention it or use it when approaching the subject of the phenomenon.


Still not sure what the relevance to Florida was regarding the subject. That event did happen the exact same way, more or less. The BP Oil Spill was disastrous in both timelines, that hasn’t changed. Like i said, your timeline reflects the last, but is also entirely different. Familiar, but alien at the same time.



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The phenomenon certainly has something to do with Quantum Theories. John Titor himself was a researcher and theorist on the subject, yet he doesn’t exist as such in your timeline. He never existed at all in fact, neither did his research and work. He was seemingly erased from history it seems and whoever pretended to be him back in 2000-2001, knew of his previous existence…


From my personal experience, the consciousness is your true self and your physical body is just a “host” of sort. You’re given a body of flesh and blood, but your physical body itself doesn’t define who you are. For example, given what i know, i feel like it explains the instances of people who feel like they were born in the wrong body. If your consciousness is female or you’re born male and vice versa, the mix-up between consciousness creates a situation where the host body isn’t appropriate for the consciousness that inhabits it. Actually, i’m not quite sure if consciousnesses have a gender or defining feature. It potentially evolves like a toddler learning of its environment and moral at the same time. Basically, think of human beings not as physical beings only, but as whatever inhabits the physical body and controls it from outside.


To further elaborate on this argument, i would even argue that we possibly exist outside of the realm of reality itself. Think of it as an AI being fed information and data from an outside source. Our body is the same as the physical host given to a powerful AI, except instead of being mechanical, it’s biological in nature. The consciousness upon the death of its “host body” gets transferred to the next version of itself and repeats the process. It’s all just a theory, but it does make sense in the context of my own experience with the phenomenon. My consciousness left my original body on the night of October 20th, 2016. For whatever reason, i ended up in a different “timeline/universe” and was given a different version of “me” as a host body…


You’re quite right when you mention quantum entanglement. Given everything that happened to me, i’m quite convinced that the phenomenon was created by man, whether intentionally or not. Either an experiment gone wrong, or as intended. Not sure which possibility is more frightening…


Like i mentioned though, i also strongly believe that its existence was an inevitability, no matter which timeline it came from. As i suspect, if the effect was to affect every timelines at once, it became inevitable as soon as the possibility was introduced across the multiverse. Honestly, i’m quite sure your timeline is the main source of the phenomenon and acts as a sort of singularity event that has merged timelines as one at different points in time. Some kind of synchronicity event creating one instance instead of many. I’m not quite sure what happened to my own timeline, to be honest. I’m not even sure if it still exists…I’m also not sure what happened to the “me” that i seemingly replaced, erased or merged with…



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Quantum Theories have nothing to do with it, if you don’t know by date then, how about this, can you figure out what your body’s electrical frequency is? People from here there bodies are from 72-78 MHz if your from a higher dimension you would be in a higher frequency.



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As far as i know, i’m not a higher dimensional being, i’m just the consciousness of timeline 1, transferred to timeline 2 and inhabiting the body of another version of myself from said timeline 2. I doubt that my body’s electrical frequency is any different than any other human. Everything that has to do with my physical body should be the same as everyone else in your timeline, which has a different human anatomy than timeline 1.


Like i mentioned, it’s basically data being transferred from one place to another. Once the old host “dies” the consciousness lives on and transfers somewhere else. I’m not quite sure if it’s a natural phenomenon that occurs after death, or the result of an experiment in the realm of quantum physics in this timeline that has possibly created an anomaly resulting in the phenomenon itself. All i know is the past of your timeline largely differs from the original timeline at crucial moments in history and that everything related to CERN has been changed for their benefit. Not to mention the technology that shouldn’t exist, like D-Wave…


I still need more data and time to figure out the origin of the phenomenon, but i won’t get anywhere without the information i need. All i require to advance my research further is another victim that remembers how it all started for them. Everything has a beginning, but a lot of people can’t recall when it started for them and under which conditions. I’ve compiled files on many victims for almost a year now, but i’ve yet to find anyone that remembers their own arrival. For many of them, it simply happened at different points in time in their lives and they seemingly ended up here as a result. Then there’s those possessing “memory traces” which were born in your timeline and seemingly acquired memories that aren’t theirs along the way, but belong to their counterparts across the multiverse and my own timeline as well…



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With regards to consciousness, that’s what I have in mind as well.


As for the phenomenon, there is a chance that it sprung into existence once the conditions were met here in our timeline. If that’s the case, then there is a possibility that the only way to stop it is by preventing every timeline from meeting said conditions. I have no idea what those conditions are, but it is plausible as these events are clearly man-made, like you’ve said. The only problem would be identifying the conditions, which would require plenty of time, a luxury we are currently running out of.



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Timelines have nothing to do with higher and lower dimensions as those are “worlds” completely different from ours. Timelines are universes related to one another with slight alterations from one another. Dimensions on the other hand, are a set of universes that are completely different from one another. Travelling through timelines is one thing, but travelling through dimensions is a whole different story.


This is just my thoughts on the matter.



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Normality. This timeline has gone insane and it’s getting worse. My own timeline wouldn’t have allowed the KKK and the Nazis to rise back in power. My timeline had no anomalies to speak of, there were still mysteries of the world and whatnot, but the phenomenon itself didn’t exist. The night i got in your timeline, everything changed for the worse. It’s been a year now, stuck in a timeline that isn’t my own, where people i know have been suffering from the phenomenon and the current political climate. If i could go back, i would. I don’t even know how i got here and no one has the data i need so far. If i can’t find ONE other victim that remembers the beginning, i can’t progress any further. How do you think it feels to be stuck in a timeline that isn’t yours? Where you have no control over the current events, yet know the final outcomes…


I don’t know why i was sent here to begin with, how and what i’m supposed to do from now on. I thought that the next October 20th might have triggered something as it did the year before, or that something, anything, might happen. Nothing. I’m still stuck here in a world growing insane day by day. People joke about this world being an alternate universe or the “worst timeline” without even knowing that it is, in fact, the case. People who have been affected by the phenomenon before me have given up and decided that nothing could be done. They’ve grown bitter and complacent. We were wronged by something that we never asked for or deserved. We deserve justice. We deserve answers. It’s been a year and i must admit that it’s been hard not to despair, but i won’t give up my research. I’ve seen the outcomes…i don’t want to be there when it happens…Chaos, destruction, utter madness…people will die…that’s for sure…


Those victims wouldn’t be dead today if it wasn’t for the changes in history. One example that comes to mind is the fact that in my own timeline, historically speaking, Hitler’s eyes were brown, which meant that people criticized him for being an hypocrite as he advocated for the Aryan race. Which were blondes with blue eyes. In your timeline, he apparently did have blue eyes, which cemented people in their belief that the dear “Furher” was one of them. It changed the ideology and the story behind the man in a very subtle way, that painted him not as an hypocrite, but as one of them. It’s one of MANY small changes to history, but it is possibly relevant in the chain reaction of current events.


I mentioned Chaos Theory before, but this is bigger than anything that has ever been conceived or thought possible by existing science. We’re talking about an anomaly that directly affects the flow of time, past, present and future at an unprecedented level. It shouldn’t exist, quite simply. Anomalies, strange events and nonsensical situations WILL become the norm, as you’ve already seen this year. It’s only just the beginning. You thought the hurricanes and earthquakes were bad? May i remind you that the rules of causality WILL claim the lives of innocents in the end? People who should still be alive today have died already. Like i said, if we can’t put an end to the phenomenon, than the results will be utterly catastrophic and that’s an understatement. All because reality is being toyed with as we speak…



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