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Are there people controlling our time-lines?

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I had a particularly lucid experience involving time travel. I was on a lab table. I could hear a bunch of people talking about me. I saw in front of me a computer generated image of my face. They had taken my DNA code and created a computer model of me. I noticed that the face was pure, unaffected by age. They realised I was awake. A nearby voice yelled "changing time!" There was a white flashbulb above me, and i felt myself hurled back into my bed (at home) where immediately i snapped out of it and felt the memory of this event quickly fade. As soon as I realised that my memory was being erased, I forced myself to hang on to the last moments of it--the one's I described here.


The voice of "changing time" is crystal clear, it was someone near by ear that spoke it. The white flash of light above me was similar to a camera flash.


This is part of a series of vivid dreams between October and December 2000. They involve experiments with time rifts, phase shifting, encounters with government teams, and DNA modelling. In each of these dreams I was a scientist working with the government. We were working on experiments that were known to be "forbidden" by the overseers.


More about these dreams and a graphic...




If anyone here knows anything about this, or possible explanations of these dreams, please contact me at [email redacted]







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I was going to write you a long detailed letter...then I thought to myself. You are better off not knowing. just keep telling yourself...these are dreams...just dreams...just dreams.....maybe it will go away. you are better off that way. you really are. just leave it go.



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I just want you to know, that your not alone my friend.


I too have had dreams of being in the development of a Time Travel device.


Many times going along with experiments, and leading a team of 4 others. Often times they will be in the desert, or in the future as operatives.


In one time line, I was murdered (shot). And was then taken back to the past to do the mission over. Which was very weird.


Other times, of being on an operating table, looking up at some Alien. And feeling pain in my eyes when I woke up.


So to make a long story short, don't dismiss this. No matter how much crap and negativity you may encounter from some people in this message board. Keep up your search for the truth, and recruit as many people to stand by your self if need be.


For God knows that that's what the politics in this board is all about. People here have their favorites, keep that in mind.


Best of luck to you... E-mail me if you wish to speak privately with me. [email redacted]


-Javier C.




"For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it's preservation."



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