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Hello Site Support,


Is it possible to have a RSS style feed to and back on forum posts in Curious Cosmos on the TTI website.


The rationale is TTI should be a site for learning, peer review, and maybe one day an accredited institution.


I wonder what would happen if you modeled the website like Kaplan University | Online College Courses – Campus and Online University


Thank you for your time.


God bless.



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Hey @UTSA210, super late reply but it's the thought that counts right? ;)


I'm a little confused with you asking about both an RSS feed and a new layout/platform in the same question... You're looking for an RSS feed, or you want to have Curious Cosmos look like that other site? Or both?


At this point I don't plan on making any other sweeping changes to the site. This place works best as a forum, and hasn't done well with me meddling with that in the past.


As far as RSS, that's always been an option. You can get the main site's feed here:




If you want to get a specific category's RSS, just add .rss to the end of any category URL



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Hello Cosmo, the science is about to get good and I wanted to add organization (not the best word) - better updates I guess.


Thank you for your hard work, I wished you would have listen about the coins... better late then never.



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