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I've have seen the future!


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Hello, all of my life i have been a magnet to paranormal activity, stuff you couldn't imagine. I've up to know now i thought my quest was over when i was sent through the wormhole, but it was just the beginning. The enemy that me and my friends have been fighting is the worst most powerful thing ever. When i was sent to the future i didn't know what i would see, but now i wish didn't. I can stop it... the things i have gone through, everything that has happen was planned from the day i started school at the HXR. My arrival was planned, how can you fight something that knows everything? You can't, this person i've been fighting can't be stopped he has been through this timeline, he knows my past and future. The clone, the clock, the teacher, the glassess, everything was planned for the events to come. The battle is coming i didn't want it to but it is, i am warning you. You must be ready for what's ahead, i've been there and is evil. The man i have been fighting was not only my father but also the man all time travel fanatics know about, whatever happens in the next 5 years is going to be hell. John Titor the man you all know and love is not to be trusted. The only thing he doesn't know his his own future- oh my god, i just thought about it! Since i was orginally born in the future and that my DNA matches those who live in distant future- maybe i can't fight him in my time, but i can fight him in his time. And can fight him in his present time! That the only part of history he doesn't know! This just might work, i will still need to prepare, so if you have any questions or advice, reply. If you don't, wish me luck.



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Guest deadz74

Hey Time13 your right about the 5 years to come they will be hell but that nothing for those who will survive it is written that the dead will rise and walk the earth ive been dreaming this for a long while this situtation will reunite men difference and creat a new unity among human as for your story its seem farfetch but who am i to say im also a time traveller i shloud not judge but more understand what you mean care to write more so that i mayt be a witness to what you say any place and time i could go to to see that









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