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Joseph Westley Newman


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Does anyone know if Joe is alright? I mean is he healthy in good spirit.


I have followed, sometimes, over years this mans work. He didn't have much to work with like todays 3d printers and computers when he first made breakthrough.


Now his website is down and email gets returned. If you know him then say a hello for me. 


The last I heard was he wanted his machine to pump. I had hoped he would get into the supercaps and batteries working together with volts especially running them in series.



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I read today that mr. Newman had died. This is a sad thing to me. I had wrote to his email often and recieved many replies over the past decade. I watched every video as they were released. I had seen hope in a person for his research to get patent and begin large scale fabrication. He would thank GOD for all his days and accomplishments.


He sure seemed like a good guy to me. 



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