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I am a time traveler

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Well, of cousrse i am in the linear sense that i may observe that i 'live' and travel acceptably forward in time. I am afraid this IS the only way of literally 'time travelling'. What can be done is to create a method of travelling in the common Multiverse (a theory you all should be aware of!). This could entail travelling from your own dimension to another, but not to another time. Granted, this new dimension you travel to (if you go back) will be a copy of your past (if you travel correctly along your own line), but there is no sense of time slowing or stopping. Time dilation as we all know is only because of the relativity to the observer, i.e. the person travelling. Arriving in this new dimension will put you not in another time but more like just another place. Indeed it will be a different world, and perceptions may be directed toward the idea that you have really 'tmie travelled' to your past. But this new world is just as good as 'travelling to your past', better in fact, because there are no paradoxes or such to govern yur actions. As soon as you arrive in this new dimension you have created a divergent time line. You own dimension you left will go on as norma, becasue all time has not stopped, but relative to you, the traveller, it may as well have. Unfortunately, travelling to the past would render you unable to make another journey, as the machine you used probably hasn't been invented yet. Sorry if i am merely stating the Multiverse theory but I continue to find posts that refer to time travel that include paradoxes and all this 'ill send a message to myself' business, because it is all completely wrong.


Peter J. Attwood



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It is the fact that all postulations regarding time travel eventually lead to a paradox that is the best evidence it cannot be done.


We humans have defined 'time' as a method for organizing our lives and recording the observances that describe "cause and effect".


I suggest that we begin to contemplate the reality of the simple fact that it is only ever "Right Now".


Hypothesizing "time" travel based on the assumption of a real "past" or "future" as if they were actually tangible entities one could actually travel "to" could be what is actually keeping us OFF track in solving the superluminal problem.


It's fun to think about, but I can think of no situation in which it does not eventually leads to a paradox of some kind.



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Actually peter, the Multiverse theory still leads to paradoxes itself. No matter how much you don't care for this simple approach to the problem, it doesn't go away even in Multivers or Multi-dimensional theory.


If it could be controlled, It eventually becomes like the


infamous "Holodeck" of Star Trek. It would be the LAST invention


of mankind. And it would be evident even to us since so VERY MANY


people among us would actually BE travelers from another dimension


trying to recreate an alternative "future" for themselves, or perhaps


escape some undesirable "past". When timelines and dimensions become


infinite, it is infinitely likely that some one or even many would


have "traveled" into this one. Here and now. THEY would be


aware of their own situation.


However, as yet, we know of no one who IS aware of this and I


seriously doubt it could be kept hidden for very long. It then


becomes the classic "conspiracy theory" hoax where lack of


evidence proves the conspiracy is working. Lack of evidence of


course does not necessarily prove something is NOT so, but it


can never prove that it is. This becomes a paradox in itself in the situation where the environment or method of it could be controlled.


I gather that you believe no one is aware this has happened (or is in fact happening) though. That can only lead to it being a natural phenomenom we have no control over. (No awarness, no "inventor" to control the process.) Something we have no control over and no awarness of becomes virtully non-existant or at least irrelevant. In this case, any discussion or hypothesizing on the issue is entirely moot since whether it exists or not can never be proven. It becomes a pseudo-theistic philosophy in which everyone is by default, an agnostic.


So be it, but the further you get into Multivers-ity, the further you actually get away from the concept of "time travel" itself. This is not so much a paradox as it is simply something other than the original issue itself. It doesn't solve "time travel" because it in fact is not "time travel".


An excellent fictional account of this is "Einstein's Bridge" tho I can't recall the author. It concerns the concept of the unverse being a "bubble" and that there are infinite universes. At the quantum level it is possible to make any two "bubbles" tanget and pass from one to the other at that point. At least that's the hypothesis.



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