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I have had quite a few weird things happen to me in these 50 short years. I was a kid, about 7 yrs old. Where we lived, I did not have any friends and there were no kids that lived anywhere near us. It was a Saturday. I was in my room playing with my Barbies when there was a knock at the door. My mother was in their bedroom talking on the phone. I answered the door and there was a girl, the same age as me and she looked identical to me! We went to my room, showed her my Barbies - I ran back to tell mom about this girl but it was like she could not hear me! I went back to my bedroom and the girl said she had to go. I didn't even get a chance to ask her what her name was because I could not get over her looking just like me! She walked out the door and then she disappeared. I walked outside and there was no trace of her. I told my mom about the girl and how I tried to tell her - she told me to quit making things up- she did not believe me. I do not think that girl was of the human variety and she/it made it that my mother could not see or hear her. I will never forget that day or why it happened to me.



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