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An authoritative chronicle of real-life time travel experiments, teleportation devices, invisibility projects and more. Takes the reader beyond the scientifically-proven time traveling techniques predicted by modern quantum mechanics and deep into the uncharted territory of time machines and visitors from the future. Examines the technology used in secret government time travel experiments, how people from the future try to guide us & why UFOs are not always what they seem. Dozens of photos, patents, diagrams. Fascinating portrayal of the rewards--and risks--of time travel. 271 pages.




Strap yourselves in, folks, and take a journey into the unknown. Former military intelligence operative offers safe, simple and proven ways to travel through time. Using secrets of ancient mystics and methods allegedly perfected by covert U.S. military agencies, you can visit the past or future whenever you choose. Shows you how to cross dimensions, enter vortex and window areas and successfully break the barriers of time and space. Change your life by using ancient and modern secrets of time travel. 160 pages.




Retired intelligence operative offers techniques that he says really WORK. With dozens of examples & how-to training course which takes the subject out of its mystical surroundings & places it in a scientific & practical framework. Learn how to make yourself invisible and levitate anyone or anything--including yourself. Essential reading for those interested in increasing their psychic powers. 140 pages.


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