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Cancer treatments


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This was an interesting topic I researched last year. It is definitely a disease you do not want to get. If you do get diagnosed with cancer here in the United States, seriously consider abandoning all treatment options provided by the medical community.


There is a very simple cure that is known to work. Just stop your food intake of all carbohydrates. Cancer cells because of their mutation can only use carbohydrates for energy. But healthy cells can use carbohydrates, proteins and fat for energy. This treatment has been known about for more than 40 years. I think it is surprising that it is not general knowledge.


There is the alkaline diet that many claim has reversed a variety of ailments including cancer. And there currently is a smear campaign going on to steer you way from using this diet. I can understand why. The junk food industry would go out of business if everyone went on this diet. You did know junk food was bad for you, didn't you? So what is so special about this diet? It turns out that healthy people have a blood PH of 7.1 to 7.3 which is slightly alkaline. People that habitually consume junk food will have a blood PH in the low 6.0 range. It is known that cancer patients will have an even lower PH in the 5.0 range. So what is your blood PH? Turns out you can find out with a cheap PH tester. Make two full mouthfuls of spit and either swallow or spit it out. Make another mouthful and spit it in a shot glass. This method exhausts your saliva glands of any residual acidic bias. What you spit in the shot glass will be a very accurate level of what your blood PH actually is. Measure the PH. You might be surprised at what you see. The average American is 6.5 PH. That's what mine was 4 years ago. And I had the beginning signs of arthritis in my thumb joints back then along with symptoms in my left hip and neck joints too. I made the switch. The arthritis symptoms went away. I haven't even had a cold in the last 4 years. So my rule is, if it comes in a box, bag, or a wrapper, don't eat it. Personally, I think prevention is the best way to go.


There is a new pill in clinical trials that is showing very promising results for treating cancer. DCA is what it is being called.


Potential cancer drug DCA tested in early trials - Cancer Research UK - Science blog


I would suggest stocking up on this drug before it is outlawed. As it most assuredly will be, here in the United States.


The Rife Beam Ray machines back in the 1930's were successfully used to treat and cure cancer. The FDA and AMA successfully suppressed and outlawed it.


There have been several herbal treatments developed that also cured cancer. All debunked here in the United States. I find the Essiac cure to be amongst them.


Essiac: Nature's Cure for Cancer | Cancer Tutor


There are many more. But you wont get any of the benefits from any that work here in the United States. It is like the AMA and FDA want you to suffer horribly and die if you get cancer.



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Interesting. My father had his final chemo treatment this week. He suffered terribly through it, too. Fortunately, he is cancer free. The part that bothers me most is this: He developed a lung tumor and he never smoked a day in his life. They believe he got it from tuberculosis as a child. They removed the lower lobe of his lung and it was gone.


It wasn't even technically killing him. They found it by accident because he had some chest pain while jogging. He's 74 years old and was in better shape than most 30 somethings, so why did they have to scare him into going through chemo? They kept telling him it may come back and it may spread to his brain. Interesting, considering there were no other cancer cells in his body. They cut them out!!! They even told him to watch his sugar intake and to not take vitamins. I couldn't talk him out of the chemo.



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