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Creepy shit


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So one afternoon me and a friend were playing football outside when we saw something in the sky, we couldn't figure out what it was only that it was in the atmosphere on fire and about to crash in the local forest when it did "crash" there was no noise at all, we did not go check it out cause why would we


So if anyone could help me with this then thanks :)



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When I was a kid, I was outside climbing on the top of my kid brother's swing set. I looked up in the sky and saw a almost transparent UFO. It scared the bejesus out of me! That evening, they reported that ship on the news. A few nights later, my mom and I went outside to put the dogs in the shed and we had woods behind our house. Suddenly the dogs started raising hell and the the woods lit up bright pink! It scared us both and we jumped in the shed and closed the doors. We kept peeking out of a crack to see if it was gone- It only lasted for about 3minutes- we scrambled back into the house and locked the doors! Never found out what made the entire woods light up. It was scary!



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